When it comes to Avocado, we can’t get enough of them! Now you can learn the simple trick to stopping them from turning brown!

There is nothing more frustrating than discovering that your avocado has turned brown and is a mushy mess! Given they are an expensive purchase, there is even more reason to keep them green!  In many instances, you don’t need a whole one. So, the dilemma is, what to do with the unused half, and what’s the best way to store it?

Today you will learn the answer and it couldn’t be easier! We will demonstrate a number of popular theories and then share the tip that lasts the longest and works the best.

How To Stop Avocado Browning

via The Huffington Post

4 Methods For Stopping Avocado Turning Brown

via Huffington Post 

There are lots of suggestions in circulation and most of them fail miserably. Some of the recommendations include the following.

  1. Lemon And Lime Citrus Bath
  2. Leaving The Pit In and covering with skin.
  3. The Water Method which is used by Chefs
  4. Covering Avocado with plastic wrap

Well, according to the Huffington Post it’s all a big waste of time! They road-tested all the ideas and actually found that leaving the Pit was the best of a bad bunch.

Soaking the avo’s in water for up to 4 hours prior recorded the worst result, and the other methods made no difference!

So, after road-testing all 4 popular methods, it was a big fat fail! As you can see by the photos above, the results 24 hours later are far from encouraging.

via The Kitchn

Stop Avocado Turning Brown Trick

via The Kitchn

So where to from there? We were excited to find this awesome tip from The Kitchn. It is their suggestion that placing your unused avocado in a plastic container with a piece of chopped onion is the answer.

Apparently, it will keep your Avocado fresh for days. They also said that this process works for Guacamole. All you need to do is sprinkle uncut onion on top of your dip, and it apparently works a treat.

So, why does it work we hear you ask?

It works because onions contain sulfur, which prevents the enzyme from interacting with the air. Just put the cut avocado in an airtight container with a piece of onion, cover with a lid, and store in the refrigerator.

It should keep for a couple of days or at least long enough for you to use up the other half. Using up your less than perfect Avo’s in sauces, smoothies, and browines is also better than binning them.

15 Amazing Facts About Avocados

via Healthy News 24

15 Amazing Facts About Avocados

via Healthy News 24

Before we share the video, we thought that we would include some of the health benefits of avocados. Here are 15 great reasons to include them in your diet.

They are high in fiber, lower cholesterol, and are excellent for your immune system. They also have beauty benefits including slowing aging.


How To Stop Avocado From Turning Brown

via Youtube 

We are including this excellent video from youtube that has some further handy tips and tricks.

The Presenter shows you the easiest way to store your Avocados and how to keep them fresher for longer. To watch the video, click Play above now ^

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