How To Stop Complaining For Good

Are you caught in the cycle of constantly complaining? Today we show you the secrets of how to stop complaining about everything and you’ll be a better person as a result.

With the advent of the online world, it seems everyone has an opinion and need to share it. The level of interaction gives way to drama, whinging and complaining. You only need to look at the comments section of facebook pages for proof.

The negativity is toxic and far outweights the positive. Too much sugar, not enough cheese, not healthy enough they cry on the 30 second food videos. Have we lost our ability to improvise?

This quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln regarding rose bushes, shows that a different view point can be found in everything. You can complain about the thorns or you can celebrate the roses.

A good change to make in your life is to stay away from those that feel a need to constantly comment on everything.

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You become what you surround yourself with. Avoid these negative Nellie’s at all times. The next thing is be aware of what you give your attention to. If you don’t like it, don’t look, simple!

This is especially easy online. You simply need to continue scrolling and find something that affects you positively.

Marc and Angel have hit the nail on the head when they say that you need to stop focussing on how stressed or busy you are. Many blow things up bigger than they are in our head.

Many are busy being busy! They race from one disaster to the next, making mountains out of molehills. They overthink and eat a pea with a knife and fork. They make a meal out of minor situations. As a result, their coping mechanism is so low, they derail easily.

This infographic from Greatist has some excellent tips that you can enlist on a daily basis. We love the ideas contained and remember, little changes add up over time. Find the good rather than the evil in others words and look for the positives.

Be grateful, tell others how they impact you for the good and surround yourself with other like minded souls.

How To Stop Complaining Video

When Will Bowen, a Pastor in Kansas City, Missouri, started a movement within his congregation to stop complaining cold turkey, he never thought it would catch on outside his own church. A Complaint Free World Campaign gave away purple bracelets as reminders to break the cycle of constant negativity.

You wear the bracelet and then when you catch yourself complaining, gossiping or being negative, you move your bracelet to the other wrist. What a fantastic idea. You do this for 21 days to form the habit. We love the idea and it’s something that you can implement easily. Click Play above to see the results ^

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