Sungazing Benefits And How To Do It

Learn the benefits of the ancient practice of Sungazing and also the safe times to do it. You won’t believe the difference it will make to you and it’s completely free!

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Have you heard of Sungazing? We have recently discovered it and we couldn’t wait to share the benefits with you.

Sungazing is excellent for improving your vision, it energizes you and many report that they don’t need to eat as much over time. We are taught that the sun is our enemy when the reverse is actually true. The sun is your secret weapon that increases your physical and emotional well being in ways you could never imagine.

This infographic from Sali Myers outlines some of the benefits that you can enjoy. They are impressive to say the least. The Pineal Gland is decalcified and it raises your consciousness and awareness. It increases your Serotonin and Melatonin levels which is all directly linked to your happiness and healthiness.

Sungazing is a skill that needs to be learned gradually. The most important thing to remember is that you must only do this during the safe hours which are the first hour after sunrise, and the last hour before sunset. This is critical and must be observed.

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The sun is your friend, not your foe. It’s time to embrace this free source of energy that is ready and waiting to charge you up and give you the happiest and healthiest life yet.

When you sungaze, you should be barefoot, standing on grass or ground and not standing on anything manmade like concrete. You need to be grounded and also fully immersed in nature. Dig your toes into the earth and imagine you have roots like a tree and imagine that your roots are going deep into the ground. Do some lovely deep breathing at the same time.

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How To Sungaze Video Tutorial

It is also important to lose any pre-conceptions that you have about the sun in the negative. You need to approach sungazing with an open mind and heart, safe in the knowledge that the sun is not going to harm you. Do not be afraid.

Again, this is something that needs to be built up over time in small doses, you must not overdo it. A little bit each day is the way to go. Click Play above to watch the video for more tips and tricks ^

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