You will be amazed at what people are thinking about when passing. Learn what they are and don’t make them yours.

Bronnie Ware worked in Palliative Care for 8 years. By the end of her first year, she started to notice a pattern with her patients when it came to their pending passing.

It was a time of reflection and sadly for many, immense regret. In an interview with Mindful Org, Bronnie shared the top 5 regrets that her patients had. She was amazed at how similar they were and you will be too.

When it comes to living our life, many times we compromise. We give in to others at the expense of ourselves.

Whilst it’s important to consider others, we must not sacrifice ourselves in the process. We come into the world the same way we depart, on our own! Each of us has a solo journey and lessons to learn.

The last thing you want is to be on your death bed, racked with regret. We hope that you take on board Bronnies’ findings so that you can live guilt and regret-free!

So, without further ado, let’s count down the top 5 regrets that people have at the time of their passing.

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#5 Regret People Have Before Dying

“I Wish I Had Let Myself Be Happier”

Happiness is a state of mind and it takes effort to stay in the zone. Getting regular exercise, doing things that make our heart sing, and taking time to enjoy the simple things in life are hugely beneficial.

Many of us get distracted by the materialistic world and miss out on all the wonderful things that a simple life can offer. Take time to smell the roses, be true to you. and don’t be a people pleaser. Yoga and meditation are 2 excellent practices that can assist you to find flow and true happiness.

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# 4 Regret People Have Before Dying

“I Wish I Stayed In Touch With My Friends”

You don’t need a lot of friends, you do however need the right ones! As life speeds up, friends fall off. As time goes by, it is often difficult to reconnect until it is sadly too late.

There is no excuse for not keeping in touch if you choose. Facebook, Skype, or a simple phone call or visit can rekindle a connection in seconds. In the end, a handful of good friends far outweighs a boatload of acquaintances.


#3 Regret People Have Before Dying

“I Wish I’d Had The Courage To Express My Feelings”

One of the most detrimental things to your health is suppressing your feelings. It is a major cause of cancer and other nasties.

You must say what you mean and mean what you say. Regret eats you from the inside out and will wither you emotionally and physically. Stand up for yourself and don’t back away.

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#2 Regret People Have Before Dying

“I Wish I Hadn’t Worked So Hard”

Bronnie said that whilst this was something that the Men said, on reflection, it was the women who were living a traditional homemaker role that was most regretful.

Staying at home with the kids and not realizing your potential can result in an unrequited life. It is important to pursue your ambitions and hobbies so that you can live a purposeful life without regret or resentment.

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#1 Regret People Have Before Dying

“I Wish I’d Had The Courage To Live The Life I Wanted To Live, Not The One That Others Expected Me To Have”

It’s hardly surprising, but also incredibly sad that the biggest regret is dancing to the tune of others. You enter this world on your own, you will depart the same way.

It is not selfish to expect to live life YOUR WAY. You need to live with intent and know what you want. Always take note of how it makes you feel and follow your bliss! In other words, don’t put off your happy life!

5 Regrets Of The Dying – Bronnie Ware Video

Bronnie Ware is an Australian Author and her Book Top 5 regrets of the dying was an International Best Seller.

We are including a one-minute video from her where she speaks about the importance of living an authentic life. Please take the time to meet Bronnie and be sure to grab her book. Click Play above ^

Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying

As mentioned previously, Bronnie Ware’s book was a best seller and you can purchase a copy here.

We first came across the interview on Mindful Org. Want more? Find out the 25 Documents you should have ready before you die. Read our article here.

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