Most of us have never known any different. The truth is that eating animals can cause you a whole lot of trauma. Find out why it’s the complete opposite to a happy life.

How Eating Meat Affects Your Body & Stress Levels

We live in a highly programmed world. As a result, it’s hard to know what we truly believe, and what is downloaded from society.

The truth is this. Humans are sicker than ever. This is directly in line with our insatiable appetite for meat, alcohol, processed foods, dairy and the like. Even we can’t walk past the cheese platter!

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It’s been about 8 months since we fully gave up meat. We loved our roasts and our chicken and meat dishes. We never gave it a second thought. It is after all, what we humans were born to eat, isn’t it?

Well, it would seem that this may not be the case. The argument for giving up the meat and heading to the fruit and veg aisle is compelling. There is lots of talk behind the scenes amongst the more progressive Farmers looking to harness this growing trend.

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The benefits of reducing your meat intake are enormous. As you can see from the information above, plant based proteins are healthier than animal based.

Plants also contain fiber and no cholesterol. Again, if you are having digestive issues, meat will only inflame your condition.

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Rainbows are the best, especially when they are on your plate. The best way to know if you are eating right is to check the color.

If your plate is white, brown and beige, you need to balance it out with more greens and veggies.

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One thing that most people are completely unaware of is how some animals are mistreated in the farming process. Whilst many do the right thing, the reverse is also sadly true.

The trauma can leave the animal full of fear which in turn is downloaded into your system when you consume the meat.

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There are lots of alternatives as mentioned before. Frys Foods have some delicious ideas and can be found in the freezer section of your supermarket.

We particularly love their veggie burgers which are just like a Pub Schnitzel only better! Don’t be afraid to experiment. Most brands now are embracing vegan, gluten and dairy free options.


As you can see by the Infographic from Peta, when you eat meat you are ingesting a myriad of nasties.

So, why do we find it so hard to give up? It’s addictive, pure and simple. There are additives included in the meat just as with alcohol, dairy, fast food, cigarettes and coke that keep us craving!

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If you want to have your best life yet, you need to give up the notion that we were meant to eat animals. By all means do it if you want to, but not because you believe it is the only way. It’s not.

If you can’t give it up entirely and that will be the case for many, Meatless Mondays are becoming popular and even die-hard meat eaters know they should at least cut down.

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This is not to judge or lecture anyone about eating meat, it is simply your choice. This is more about your health and well being.

Doctors merely manage our conditions with medication. Many will tell you this is not the preferred option. Rather, they have patients that prefer a pill to a lifestyle change.

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If you want to be your healthiest and live your longest life, giving up meat is a very positive step.

On a final note, here’s some of the things we noticed when we made the switch for those that may be interested. The first major benefit was all fear and anxiety left us within a couple of weeks.

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Whilst we didn’t lose weight immediately, within 6 months we were down to our lightest weight in 10 years. Inflammation and reflux issues were also hugely diminished.

Going meatless has also been easier than we thought and we have been forced to become more adventurous with our food. As a result a whole new colorful world has emerged! If you would like to investigate a plant based diet, find out more here.

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