How To Master The Law Of Attraction

Understanding the law of attraction manifestation can change your world and you will realise that you can have everything you want. Learn the tips and techniques now.

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We are all the masters of our own domain and you have true superpowers once you work out how to tap in to them.

You have infinite knowledge, wisdom, intelligence and you have the ability to create the exact reality you have always dreamed about. If this sounds too good to be true, it’s not.

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The problem with the world is that we are all addicted to negativity. We continually talk ourselves and others down. We then wonder why we spend so much time living in a mental ditch.

Everything that we are part of, including ourselves, is pure Energy. This explains why the world is in the critical state it is. Everyone is vibrating to everything. We are in a continual state of flux and confusion. We are all spinning tops crashing into each other.

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Whilst the above quote is confronting, if you want to make changes that will result in your best life ever, you simply have to believe it. We all have the ability to control what we allow into our life and mind. Sadly, we are so distracted that we make terrible gatekeepers.

As a result, we don’t maintain a decent level of mental cleanliness and we end up suffocating under a big pile of cow dung that multiplies by the day. It’s so much easier to blame others for our poor position in the world.

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If you believe you are poor or marginalized, that is exactly the life you can expect and the reverse is also true. Our mind is a magnet and it reacts to our beliefs.

If you think you are going to have a bad day, you will. If you think walking under a ladder will bring bad luck, it will.

If you read your horoscope and believe it applies, it will. The truth is that thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand says Bob Proctor and this is true.

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via Applying The Law Of Attraction 

Over on the Applying The Law Of Attraction they have lots of great information regarding the fundamental aspects of the law of attraction. This infographic, again, stresses the importance of monitoring your thoughts. You need to remain positive no matter what. See the silver lining always, not the cloud!

If you find this hard, fake it until you make it. Get used to smiling and seeing the good in everything and everyone. It takes at least a month to form a habit. Once you master the art, this will become your default setting. It is at this time that the magic starts!

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Infographic via Achieve Today

This Chart from Achieve Today is excellent and gives a great overview of the Law of Attraction.

“I am 100% responsible for my life. Everything I experience is a reflection of me. I attract the good, the bad and the indifferent through my subconscious positive and negative thoughts.”

We love the excellent tip they have included and suggest you try it. Think about what has occurred in your life in the last 3 days and study closely what the outcomes have been. Are you attracting the life you want or one of anger and frustration?

infographic via Popsugar

There is much to be grateful. In fact, when you start focussing on what you have, you may realize that you already have everything you need.

This Gratitude List above from Popsugar is a great place to start. Start counting your blessings and see all the things you have to be grateful for. You won’t believe how truly blessed you are.

Don’t focus on wanting things. A better way would be to desire them or imagine having them already. Visualize and they will come to you at the right time. Don’t try to work out how, just have the faith they will. The Universe is all powerful and will deliver at the exact right time.

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Law Of Attraction Manifestation Video

We have included a video that reveals the Law Of Attraction Principals and we highly recommend that you watch. This is an excellent introduction in very simple terms. Click Play above ^

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