Imagine enjoying all your favorite fried foods minus the fat and calories. An air fryer oven is the answer to your prayers and tastebuds!

Air Fryers are a new and popular way of cooking minus the grease and the calories. The best part is your home is free of cooking smells and spattered oil on your countertops, stove, and splashbacks.

As for your health, well your arteries are going to thank you! Air Frying uses a rapid air circulation method of cooking that in basic terms simulates the deep-fried oil cooking method, minus the oil. You will still get the crispiness and texture that you love so much. It’s guilt-free and easy!


What Can You Cook In An Air Fryer Oven?


You can cook a myriad of foods in your Air Fryer Oven including all your traditional favorites. Fish, chips, chicken, pastries can all be cooked with 80% less oil and in many cases, you don’t require any at all!

You still get that wonderful fried taste without the pounds or the guilt! You can literally watch the scales drop while eating your favorite foods!

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Air Fryer Food Cooking Chart

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There are lots of different models when it comes to Air Fryers. It really is a case of researching your requirements and even asking others for their recommendations. Don’t forget to read the reviews too!

We have also included this excellent Air Fryer Food Cooking Chart. It will come in extremely handy in the kitchen. The chart includes meat, frozen foods, and baking. It lists temperatures according to weight and is taken to the nearest whole number. This chart is an excellent one to Pin.

How To Use Air Fryer For First Time

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Are you ready to learn how to use an Air Fryer for the first time? We have included this excellent video tutorial that is perfect if you’re a newbie.

It’s perfect for new air fryer owners, whether you’re thinking about getting an air fryer or have it sitting in the box. To see how click Play above ^

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