How To Do Water Marble Nail Art At Home

Have you discovered the popular technique of water marble nail art? Today, you will learn how and it’s easier than you think.
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water marble nail art

If you love to experiment with your nails, today you will learn how to do water marble nail art. This is a very popular technique and lots of fun too.

It involves dropping colored nail polish into the water and then moving it around with a toothpick. You can create all sorts of curls and swirls and then transfer to your nails.

Here’s What You Will Need

How To Do Water Marble Nail Art Video

via Natasha Lee, Youtube

Natasha Lee has had over 14 million youtube views for her Nail Art video tutorial. She shows you this water marbling technique in bite-size, step by step instructions that you will find easy to follow.

To see Natasha in action, click Play above ^

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