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What Your Handwriting Says About You

The style of your handwriting reveals a lot about your personality. See how yours measures up now and watch the video too.

Did you know National Handwriting Day is just around the corner? What better time to take a good look at something people are now calling a lost art – your handwriting!

Although we all grew up learning the same alphabet, our writing styles are vastly different. How you write your weekly shopping list can actually reveal a lot about your own life.

Although most of us now rely on tablets and phones to jot down lists and reminders, handwriting is still very important. Not only does your signature still matter on legal documents, but doing things like giving a birthday card wouldn’t be the same if your message was typed out.
We thought it would be fun to share this great chart that we found on what your handwriting reveals about you and your personality. It’s often eerily accurate!

What Your Handwriting Says About You

You may use only one of these handwriting methods or a combination of them. You may make large letters that are slanted, or you may have crossed t’s but closely connected letters.

Whatever your style, take a look at your notes or write down something quickly as you usually would, then take a look at the infographic above! You’ll be surprised at how much fun it can be. Here are a few more tips to help you decipher your writing too:

  • Write as you normally would, don’t try to be fancy – it’s not a test!
  • Pay mind to your current mood and notice if your handwriting changes based on your mood.
  • Compare your writing and personality to your friend’s or family’s. Are they similar, different? Do they match how you would describe that person?


Handwriting Analysis Video

We have included a very interesting Handwriting Analysis Video that you won’t want to miss. Mike is an expert in the field and you will love learning from him. Click Play above to view now ^

Graphology -Studying Your Handwriting

There is actually a name for the study of handwriting and it’s called Graphology.

Using Graphology, many criminal investigator’s use handwriting to determine the mental state of people they’re following. We’ve even heard of some employers who look at potential employees handwriting before hiring them! Nerve wreaking much?

By analyzing handwriting, graphologist experts are able to determine over 5,000 personality traits. This is done through teeny tiny things in your writing that you wouldn’t even think of checking, such as which direction your writing is slanted in or not, and whether your writing changes throughout a message. Although we couldn’t share ALL of those personality traits Graphologists search for with you today, we hope you had fun experimenting with these basic traits and writing patterns!

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