How To Win Competitions Using The SPEC Method

Helene Hadsell discovered the life changing secret to attracting everything she ever wanted. Watch the amazing video now.

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Have you discovered the Helene Hadsell SPEC method of winning? Helene was a happy homemaker when she discovered Norman Vincent Peale’s book, The Power of Positive Thinking

It resonated so much that she began researching and practicing the principles. She started visualizing what she wanted and started winning!

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What Is the SPEC Method?

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Her name it and claim it SPEC method has made her the world’s luckiest woman. The great news is that you can learn it too!

Helene has won over 5000 competitions including boats, bikes, first-class holidays, and even a large family home.

She has a fail-proof method that is the secret to her success.

Helene has also authored a best-selling book called Contesting: The Name It & Claim It Game.

Her book has sold millions of copies and explains her SPEC method of winning.

This process involves selecting what you want, projecting it in your mind (visualizing), expecting it to arrive, and collecting your win!

This is in line with the law of attraction teachings.

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SPEC Method Affirmations

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Contest Queen Author, Carolyn Williams says positive affirmations can play a big part in the success too.

Her infographic above has some excellent ones for you to practice.

Helene says if you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. She suggests selecting something you would like to win.

Next, you inspect it. If it was a car, for example, go to the Dealership and drive the exact model.

Smell the leather and picture how the car makes you feel in your mind. Next, imagine in your mind owning it. Finally expect that winning call!

Helene Hadsell Spec Video

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Are you ready to hear from the world’s luckiest woman? Helene’s story is amazing and you won’t want to miss it. Let her teach you how to become a big winner too! Click play above now ^

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