"Life is short. Break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile"...

Facebook Privacy Settings To Change

With billions of users, it's astounding that tens of millions have never touched their privacy settings. Be sure that your information is only being shared with those that you know. Our post shows you how and has an excellent infographic to show you the immediate changes that you should be making.

Breakfast Cereals To Avoid At All Costs

We were mortified to find the the shocking ingredients hanging out in popular breakfast cereals and if you value your health and that of your family, this is a must read. We have a Pinnable Chart with 10 of the worst breakfast cereals and you won't believe what they are. See what they contain and if yours is on the list.

Table Manners 101 The Ultimate Guide

Do your table manners need a brush up? Today we share the 101 on dining etiquette. Do you know the correct way to cut your food, pass the salt and how to excuse yourself correctly from the table? These tips and tricks will ensure that you leave a favorable impression and don't embarrass yourself unknowingly. We have pinnable charts and a video to show you how.

How To Iron Shirt In 90 Seconds Flat

If ironing shirts whether it be male or female, is the bane of your existence, today you will be thrilled to learn the 90 second version. Jim Moore of GQ Magazine shows us how to get the Pro Results that we have dreamed of with no train tracks down the sleeves or dodgy collars. Watch the quick video now.

How Old Is Your Cat In Cat Years?

Learn how old your cat is in cat years and see if you have it right. We have a Pinnable Chart that you won't want to miss plus a handy Cat Breeds Infographic. Check out the information now it's more than likely not what you think!

Facial Flushing Remedies Best Treatments

Don't be left red faced! Facial flushing is common for many reasons and as we age, many suffer this embarrassing condition. We have 8 of the easiest and natural home remedies plus lots of information about how to manage and improve it significantly. See what triggers this condition and learn the symptoms to Rosacea too.

Online Bullying Statistics Worse Than Ever

Online bullying is at an all time high. Our post shows you the ugly statistics, plus a video of people ringing and confronting their childhood bullies. You won't believe the responses. We have also included the Crumpled Piece Of Paper visual that was used by a teacher in her classroom and you absolutely have to read it. Don't miss this and share with all!

How To Read Body Language Like A Pro

How would you like to be able to read someone's mind? We're sure this talent would come in very handy at times. Once you learn the secret to understanding body language, your whole world opens up. You know how to recognize when you have crossed the line or you are talking too much. We have a short video that has 20 common signals that you can immediately learn. Be sure you are not sending out the wrong ones too. This is awesome, don't miss it!

Meditation Techniques For Beginners

Mental health is your real wealth! Learn the ancient art of Meditation with this comprehensive Beginners Guide. We have got lots of tips and tricks, a video tutorial and more. Learn how to manage anxiety and calm yourself on demand. Don't miss this amazing post!

Crystals Meanings And How They Work

Crystals are a natural wonder of the world. They have amazing healing properties and you can use them around your home, garden and as jewellery. They are natural energy and just like plants, they can detoxify you and your surroundings. We have a pinnable chart that shows you all the varieties and their meanings and how they can be used for your advantage.

How Often You Should Wash Your Stuff?

You're going to love our post that shows you how often things need cleaning. You'll love all the fabulous pinnable charts. We've also included a must watch video that has 25 of the most amazing cleaning hacks that will make your life a whole lot easier. You won't want to miss this.

Dog Arthritis Early Signs And Symptoms

Arthritis affects us all but did you know that it is also a common complaint with Dogs? We have a helpful infographic that will assist you to recognize the early warning signs plus a video that teaches you massage techniques to reduce their pain. Every Dog Owner must read this!

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