10 Ways To Make Your House Look Expensive

It’s easy to get a high end look on a shoe string. Today we share 10 top tips straight from an Interior Designers Mouth! Find out now.

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Home is where the heart is and getting a high-end look doesn’t have to break the bank! Today we are sharing with you 10 ways to make your house look more expensive. These tips come directly to us from an Interior designer and you will love them.

At some point, you may find yourself selling your home or simply like to refresh your existing decor. The great news is that the upmarket, magazine look that we all love is achievable when you know how.

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Easy Ways To Make Your Home Impressive

via Choice Furniture Superstore UK

First impressions count and simple changes to your home can have immediate and profound effects. Top of the list should be a decent declutter. Be sure to rid your home of everything that is no longer in use.

Another important element is negative energy which can build up in your home. Try introducing some houseplants and greenery.

Not only do they brighten up your space, certain plants actually purify the air. Light, bright homes look and feel the best as do sparkling clean windows.

By supersizing your pillows and cushions you will add a comfy and luxe feel. Another great way to make your home feel luxurious is bedding and this is one of the great tips that is addressed in the video below.

10 Ways To Make Your House Look More Expensive

via Kristen McGowan, Youtube.

Are you ready to learn the secrets of making your home look more luxe? Kristen McGowan is a stylist and interiors are her specialty. Her 10 top tips are game changers and easy DIY ideas that you will love. Find out how to fix your bed and also a clever way to add molding to your walls. To see Kristen in action, click Play above now ^


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