7 Facial Blood Sugar Warning Signs To Know

Dr. Eric Berg is in the house to teach us how to study our faces for tell tale signs about our blood sugar levels. Watch his video now.

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Did you know there are 7 things that your face tells you about your blood sugar?  So says Dr. Eric Berg, and he knows first hand.

In his earlier life, he had many common issues and in his own words, he was unhealthy. On reviewing old photos of himself, he noticed how swollen and bloated his face was. This is one of the tell-tale signs.

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Your Body On Sugar

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It’s important to know how your body reacts to sugar. As you can see above, it affects you in many ways. It is detrimental to your skin by causing inflammation which often results in Rosacea.

High sugar intake also is known to contribute to the hardening of your heart’s arteries. Your liver also converts excess sugar into fat which can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver.

Too much sugar also affects your gut microbiome and it triggers an overload of dopamine in your brain. Continual sugar spikes lead to long-term chronic diseases. By changing your diet, you can avoid these nasty pitfalls.

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Top 12 Foods To Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels

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Everything that you put into your mouth has an effect. It’s not always junk food that is the culprit. In truth, many items that are promoted as being healthy are the complete opposite.

We actually wrote a post on this topic and it is eye-opening, to say the least. We found 21 healthy foods that were actually toxic to the body.

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Eat More Or Less?

Next time you are out shopping, be sure to include some of the above foods in your trolley. Coconut and turmeric top the list. They can be incorporated cleverly into your food and drink. For example, why not try turmeric tea or golden milk.

Avocados are also on the list and you can even make cakes and brownies with them. Lemons and limes, cinnamon, organic coffee and olives, and olive oil also make the cut.

When it comes to your eggs, be sure that they are pasture-raised. You should also stick to grass-fed butter.

Raw Chocolate, green tea, and apple cider vinegar are other must-haves.

7 Things Your Face Tells You About Your Blood Sugars Video – Dr. Eric Berg

Dr. Bergs’s video is compulsory viewing. He runs through the 7 major signs that your blood sugars are too high.  From your neck to your eyes and even the shape of your face. These are just some of the things he touches on. To hear what he has to say press play above now ^

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