How To Make Apron From A Dish Towel

We’re excited to share this easy and fun project. You will love learning how to turn your Dish Towels into a stylish Apron.

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We are always on the hunt for easy and creative ideas to share with our WHOot audience. Today, we are excited to show you how you can turn your dish towels into Aprons.

Dixie from Treasurie is the Queen of Craft. Her youtube channel and website are filled with exciting projects.

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Here’s What You Need:

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  • 3/8 yards cotton fabric for straps.
  • 2 side straps – 27 x 3.5 ” (68.5x9cm)
  • 1 neck strap – 21 x 3.5 ” (53x 9cm)
  • Save time substitute 1 ” (2.5cm) ribbon.

How To Make A Dish Towel Apron Video

via Dixie, Tresurie, Youtube.

These aprons are handy for craft and baking and perfect homemade gifts for family and friends.

Dixie has an excellent tutorial that we recommend you view. This way you will get the best possible result.  To watch, click Play above ^

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Dish Towel Apron Instructions

via Dixie, Treasurie.

Dixie says that when it comes to a standard-sized tea towel, they do vary slightly between brands. Be sure to make sure it is large enough to cover your front.

She also suggests you use tea towels with attractive borders. They give the illusion that you have used more than one fabric and make the design pop.

As you can see from the above photos, Dixie has created some lovely looks including a holiday version. She has a photo tutorial and printable instructions on her site at the link below.

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