The Doctors Secret To Calming A Crying Baby

Dr. Robert Hamilton is a 30 year veteran when it comes to babies. Today he shares his tried and true ‘hold’ technique that calms a crying baby.

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Dr. Hamilton, a Pediatrician in Santa Monica, California is the genius behind the Hold Method. Today you will learn how to calm a crying baby using his widely used technique.

The idea came to Dr. Hamilton when he found it difficult to communicate with new parents due to their baby crying. He has shared this information with many Parents who are his patients and they have had great success.

The Hold Method is likened to swaddling. As a Paediatrician of 30 years, Dr. Hamilton says that this technique is ideal for babies that are up to a few months old.

Once they get too big, they will be too heavy to hold.

The steps involved in the Hold technique include crossing the baby’s arms and securing them.

via Dr. Hamilton, Youtube

You then support your baby by grasping their diaper and tilting them at 45 degrees.

It’s important that they are not held upright as their head can flop backward.

How To Calm A Crying Baby – Dr. Hamilton Video

via Dr. Robert Hamilton, Youtube.

Once you have your baby in the correct position, you move them around with slight rocking, a stirring movement and a gentle shake of their bottom. In order to learn the absolute correct way to do Dr. Hamiltons Hold technique, we highly recommend that you view his video tutorial. Click Play above ^

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