How To Cross Stitch From Scratch

Cross Stitching is so much fun and you can achieve absolutely gorgeous results once you know how. Today you will learn how to cross stitch from scratch and it’s so easy. Watch the video tutorial now.
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Cross Stitching is a very relaxing and inexpensive craft. It can also be overwhelming if you don’t know how and where to start. That’s why today we’re sharing how to cross stitch for beginners.

There are so many fabulous Cross Stitch Kits on Etsy but it’s no use purchasing them if you don’t know what you are doing.

bird cross stitch kit via etsy

So, What Is Cross Stitching Exactly?

Cross Stitching is a style of old-fashioned embroidery. It has quite a following. It is a series of small cross stitches that come together to form an image or a design of sorts.

Many use a hoop frame for this craft and kits are also popular as they contain everything that you will need for your project. (Find Bird Cross Stitch Patterns here)

cross stitch beginners kit via etsy

Starting Your Cross Stitch Pattern

We have checked many of the Youtube Tutorials and there appears to be some controversy about how to correctly anchor your floss after threading your needle.

There are 2 schools of thought. The first is to simply knot your thread. The issue with this is your cross stitch can quickly look very untidy on the reverse and also leave small knotted balls that may show through your fabric. (Find above cross stitch patterns here)

cross stitch beginners kit via Etsy

The second way, which is much neater, is to anchor your floss using a tail. The benefit is that you end up with a much neater result for not that much more work.

When selecting a Video Tutorial to teach you, we found that many received confusing feedback from beginners. This is not the case with the video we are sharing with you. (Find the cross stitch patterns here)

beginners cross stitch kit via etsy

Phil is an excellent teacher. He will show you how to start, how to count stitches, and read the pattern. Phil uses a cute Ladybug Cross Stitch Pattern in his tutorial.

You can grab your own beginner’s cross stitch kit like the ones that we have featured above from Etsy. This Hedgehog is a best seller.

via arts embroidery kit

This Plant Embroidery Kit is another best-selling pattern that will take pride of place in your home. It is simply gorgeous and we know that you won’t be able to wait to make it. (Find it here)

How To Cross Stitch For Beginners Video

We highly recommend that you watch the video to gain a good understanding of how to Cross Stitch.

Phil also shows you how to thread your needle using the loop technique and anchor your floss. Once you have viewed, continue scrolling for more adorable pattern ideas. Click Play above to view now ^

beginner cross stitch kits via etsy

Beautiful Cross Stitch Beginner Projects

We have featured Velvet Pony Designs throughout our post. They have excellent Beginner Cross Stitching Kits and superb designs that you can get excited about.

The reviews on their site are excellent and there are around 200 beautiful projects that you can select from including cats and dogs, animals, flowers, and more.

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