Cement Handprint Stepping Stones Easy DIY

What could be cuter than making some adorable Cement Handprint Stepping Stones. They are cute and make a great gift idea for family and friends. We have a video tutorial to show you how.

Are you ready to learn how to make Cement hand print stepping stones? What could be cuter than creating personalized stepping stones for your home and garden using the kid’s hand and footprints! This is such a cute idea and you will love the results.

It’s something that you can keep forever and they would make a wonderful gift for Grandparents and family and friends.

Cement Stepping Stones via Enchanted Mommy 

Use them as paths or pop them on the wall. They are made using a cement mixture and you can decorate them with stones, shells, marbles, in fact anything at all. You can get as creative as you like!
The Blogger and creator of these gorgeous Hand Print Stepping Stones is Jamie of ‘Enchanted Mommy’ Blog.

She made these for her boys and she steps you through the process of making your own. She has suggested on her site that she purchased a Cement Stepping Stone Kit and that it came with everything she needed.

Scroll our post now and check out all the versions. You’ll find some great inspiration. Be sure to visit the link below to see the process from beginning to end, it’ a great weekend diy

How To Make Cement Stepping Stones Video

We have found a quick video tutorial for you to follow so you can see just how easy these Cement Stepping Stones are to make. Click Play above to watch now ^ 

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Cement Footprint Stepping Stone Art

Footprint Stepping Stones via I Watch Them Grow

cement hand print stepping stones

Footprint Stepping Stones via I Watch Them Grow

Cement Footprint Stepping Stone

Footprint Stepping Stones via I Watch Them Grow

Cement Hand Print Stepping Stone

 Garden Stone via Paint Cut Paste

Heart Hand Prints Cement Garden Stone

Garden Heart Handprint Cement Keepsake via Enchanted Mommy

Stepping Stone Cement Footprint Tutorial

Cement Stepping Stone via Skip To My Lou

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