How Microwaves Affect Your Health

Microwaves are a convenience but there’s a reason home cooks are moving away from them. Find out the many health risks now.

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In recent times we have made some big changes to our lifestyle. We have removed meat and alcohol from our diet and the TV is now in the shed. We have also reduced our caffeine intake significantly and discovered the wonderful world of meditation.

We have also been more conscious of the hidden sugar in foods and also the dangers of using microwave cooking. In fact, we have ditched ours altogether and not used one for over 5 years.

via Alkaline Diet

Dangers Of Microwave Cooking

via Alkaline Diet 

In the end, we came to the conclusion that microwave radiation is not safe. The way it cooks your food is not even and it can cause carcinogenic compounds and bacteria.

You may be shocked to know that the nutritional value of food is hugely reduced by 60-90%. If you steam broccoli on the stove, you lose 11%.

Another big concern is the impact it has on your immune system. Your eyesight can also be affected and it may cause ataracts..  Microwaves can also disrupt the formation and function of your hormones. If your memory and concentration are off, it could be as a result of your microwave.

Microwaved food also Increases blood sugar levels and cholesterol. It reduces white and red blood cells and also leaks microwaves into your atmosphere.

How Microwaves Affect Your Health

Dr. Steve Weston has some interesting facts to share about microwaving food. He has some excellent information that will make your reconsider your microwave use. We highly recommend that you view this video and hear what he has to say. To watch, press play above now ^


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