Biggest Loser Fat Flush Water Recipe

Amazing results can be achieved from Dr. Oz’s Fat Flush Water Recipe. Lose the bloat and reclaim your waist-line today.

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If there’s one thing Dr. Oz is great at, it’s dispensing weight loss advice that’s easy to understand and action!

His recipe for Fat Flush Water has been hugely popular for these very reasons. It is also used on The Biggest Loser Tv Show. It tastes great and is very hydrating. You’ll look and feel your best in no time at all and the results are virtually instant. The other bonus is that it is a natural energizer.

Benefits Of Fat Flush Water

The benefits of detox waters like this are numerous. In fact, have a number of other recipes on our site. These waters offer benefits to you via carefully selected ingredients. When you have the right combinations, they work in unison to burn fat.

Detox water is full of flavor and makes it easier to increase your water intake. This in turn can result in decreased appetite. We have outlined some of the major benefits of some of the ingredients below.

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Why Do The Ingredients Work?

One of the major ingredients in the Fat Flush Water is Cucumbers. They are known to reduce bloating and water retention thanks to their high water content. It also makes them very low in calories – just 25-40 calories per cucumber.

Tangerines are another ingredient and they have been shown to stabilize insulin and blood sugar.

The vitamin C in tangerines also helps to stimulate fat burn in your body. Dr. Oz says those with higher vitamin C intakes burn more fat during exercise than those that don’t.

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Grapefruit Benefits

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Grapefruit is the 3rd ingredient and contains a lot of vitamin C like Tangerines. It has also been shown to suppress appetite and regulate blood sugar. They also decrease bloating and can help shed water weight.

Peppermint Leaves are the final ingredient and can help to promote better digestion, giving your body a chance to feel fuller quicker. They also assist you to absorb vitamins (like Vitamin C) more readily.

Dr. Oz Fat Flush Water Recipe Video

In this video, April Athena shows how to whip up the Dr. Oz Fat Flush Water Recipe.

She also goes over a few of the main benefits of the ingredients. You will never have your water any other way! Click play above to watch April now ^

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Dr. Oz’s Fat Flush Water Recipe

As shown above, the Dr. Oz Fat Flush Recipe is made of fresh and simple ingredients. Most likely, you are likely to have in your pantry. Let’s take a look.

Here’s what you need

    • 1 Grapefruit
    • 1 Tangerine
    • 1/2 Large Cucumber
    • 2 Fresh mint Leaves
    • 1 Large Pitcher Water

Fat Flush Water Instructions

Mix the ingredients together the night before you plan to drink it. The following day drink as much as possible, before and between meals.

You need to allow 10 days to see the best results but you will notice less bloating, increased energy, and hydration quicker.

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