How To Do The Every Other Day Diet

The Every Other Day Diet is a lifestyle change you will love and that truly works. This is the answer to your weight loss prayers.

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Eat a 500-calorie lunch on Diet Day, then eat anything you’d like on alternating Feast days. Drop 12 pounds, 2 sizes, look younger, and feel incredible. Sound too good to be true?

Not so, according to Krista Varady, Ph.D. and Bill Gottlieb, CHC, authors of The Every Other Day Diet. In this article, we’ve included all the information we could round up about this revolutionary new technique, and how you can get started on it right away.

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Intermittent Fasting Explained

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Fasting Diets are not new. The 5:2 diet was popular when people started using it to melt the pounds away a few years ago.

According to those who have tried fasting diets, the successes have come in many forms. Apart from weight loss, it has literally changed their lives!

During the Every Other Day Diet, you’ll have ‘fasting days’ where you’ll eat a restricted amount of calories. These days will be followed by ‘feast days’ where you’ll eat anything you’d like. In return, you’ll enjoy more energy, clearer skin, and a healthier body.

The Research

The above infographic shows some of the benefits that have been found to come from fasting on alternate days. Krista Varady, co-author of The Every Other Day Diet is an associate professor of nutrition at Uni of Illinois at Chicago.

Before writing the book, she lead a 3-year study sponsored by the National Institute of Health and published numerous papers shared in journals like The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Her research led to findings that showed that intermittent fasting is a viable diet strategy that can help people lose weight without feeling deprived, and make them healthier in the process.

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Health Benefits Of Fasting

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Just check out some of the benefits of Fasting, it is easy to see why it is a sustainable lifestyle change. Apart from giving your digestive system a rest, it can help beat addictions like emotional eating, caffeine, and alcohol addiction.

It is also known to lower blood pressure and boost your immune system. It reduces your hunger and cravings and decreases insulin too. This is a great way to reverse diabetes 2 naturally.

How To Do The Every Other Day Diet

The premise of the diet is that you’ll be alternating days of eating normally and with days of fasting and eating only 500 calories. Although the book goes over everything with a fine-tooth comb, here is how the diet works:

  • On day 1, your fasting day, eat 500 calories. Dr. Varady recommends eating them all at lunch, along with specific nutrition guidelines in the book.
  • On day 2, your feasting day, east as you normally would.
  • Continue alternating days.
This pattern continues until you have dropped the weight you desire. The book further goes into how to maintain your weight reasonably.
You will also be shown how to prepare a 500 calorie meal that will supercharge your weight loss.

The Every Other Day Diet Results

Success stories have poured into emails and social media pages, showing incredible weight loss and amazing health bonuses.

The photo above from Carly, who lost over 80 pounds following the Every Other Day Diet is just one example. Another commenter on the Facebook page said:

“About 100 days in, I can walk over 9 k at a time (instead of being exhausted after walking around 2 blocks) and have lost 30+ pounds”. Another comment reads “Not a fad based on my husband’s blood work which hasn’t been this good in 40 years”.

More Results

Here’s another astonishing result from Kristina’s Facebook Page. Marc lost over 90 pounds in 9 months.

He also lost 9 inches from his waist and his blood pressure dropped by 15%. These are real people and exciting results.

It also gives sample menus and shopping lists, plus ways to overcome hunger pangs and more. As you can see from the information and results above, the every other day diet is easy to follow and the transformations are truly incredible.
If you suffer from yo-yo dieting and can’t lose weight whatever you do, this may be the perfect option for you.

Intermittent Fasting – Krista Varady

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Now that you are across the all-important details, it’s time to hear from the Co-Creator herself. Dr. Krista Varady has an excellent way of explaining the Every Other Day Diet and we highly recommend that you spend the time to listen. To hear what she has to say, press Play above now ^

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