Is Your Bedroom The Reason You Can’t Sleep?

Once you understand these Feng Shui bedroom tips, you will never look back. Learn how to turn your room into a harmonious haven now.

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Today we’re excited to share with you these Feng Shui tips for your bedroom. It’s an ancient Chinese tradition that works with key elements in your home.

By placing items in certain locations and directions, it is said you can attract good chi (energy) to your living spaces and life. Once you learn the art of Feng Shui, you will never live any other way.

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Create Harmony In Your Bedroom

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In the western world, we live with way too much clutter. Feng Shui is a more minimalist approach. The Chinese definitely subscribe to the less is best principle.

As you can see from the infographic above, the ideas focus on colors, furniture placement, and clutter, or lack of. You should have a good strong headboard and avoid having your face next to an open window.

A Strong Headboard Is A Must

You should also not sleep under a skylight as this drains your energy. Also, be sure to not sleep where a mirror can reflect you. Try and position your bed as far from the door as possible.

Once you implement these changes, you will enjoy a much more peaceful sleep and find that your insomnia is greatly reduced.

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Feng Shui Do’s And Don’ts

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Your bedroom should be decorated in light, calming colors. Place your bed preferably diagonally from the door and do not face it towards the door.

A great tip for improving your love life is to group items in pairs to symbolize your coupling.

You should also not use your bedroom as a workspace or gym and whatever you do, remove the TV. This can act as a portal so if you are insistent on keeping it, at least cover it at night when you have finished using it.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips Video

As mentioned previously, one of the best places to use Feng Shui is in your bedroom. It is a small, manageable space that is easy to redesign.

Simple changes can have a huge impact. Julie Khuu is here to share her Feng Shui tips and you won’t want to miss them. To hear what she has to say, press play above now ^

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