10 Glasses Tricks Every Wearer Needs To Know

If you wear glasses, these hacks will come in so handy on a daily basis. You will wonder how you got by without them! Watch the video now.

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If you wear glasses, there are 10 glasses hacks that every wearer needs to know. One of the top tips will show you a clever way to locate your case, in the dark!

These hacks are pure genius and life-changing. If you enjoyed our post that showed you how to select the right frames for your face, this is another must-read article. To say they will come in handy is an understatement!

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How To Adjust Your Eyeglasses

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One of the most common issues experienced by eyeglass wearers is that they tend to pinch the nose or sometimes the lenses are sitting too high or low.

The great news is that with a few simple tweaks, you can adjust your glasses for the perfect fit.

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How To Clean Your Glasses

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Before we check out the video, we thought that you might like this handy tip for cleaning your glasses. They suggest using diluted dish soap.

They also recommend that you stay away from cleaners that contain alcohol, vinegar, ammonia, and bleach. Apparently, they can destroy the coating on your glasses.

Glasses Hacks Buzzfeed Video

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This Glasses Hacks video is from Buzzfeed and it’s been an internet success! We found their clever tips and tricks extremely handy. We’re sure that you will too. It’s well worth viewing. To watch, click Play above now ^

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