How To Grow Water Lilies In A Bowl

Bring a peaceful touch to your home and garden with a bowl of beautiful Water Lilies. We have a video tutorial to show you how.

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Water is such a serene element. It is ideal for bringing peace and tranquility to your home. One of the most beautiful flowers on the planet must surely be Water Lilies.

Today, we will show you how to grow Water Lilies in a bowl and you are guaranteed to love the results. You can pop them in your garden and create a lovely display that is not only pleasing to the eye but soothing to the soul.

Water Lilies In A Bowl Supplies Needed

via Lyn Bowden

The best part about this project is it’s extremely easy. You also only need a few items to bring your efforts to life.

  • A big bowl, at least 26 inches in diameter, with enough depth so your lily plant is covered 4-6 inches above the crown.
  • Water Lilie Plants
  • Aquatic Pond Fertilizer Tabs
  • Small fish, if desired. Guppies are recommended.

Whilst you can add fish to your Lilie Bowl, it is not essential. If you do, you might like to add a mesh across the top to keep out the birds and pets.

You also need some aquatic fertilizer tabs to keep your Lilie well-fed. If you add fish, guppies help keep mosquitoes from breeding.

How To Grow Water Lilies In Bowl Video

via Lyn Bowden, Youtube.

We have included a video that shows you how to grow lilies in a bowl. We highly recommend you take a few moments to view it.

This way you will get the best possible result and learn a few things along the way. To watch, click play above ^

How To Grow Water Lilies In A Bowl Instructions

Pick your Water Lilie bowl. Remember to check the supply list above for specifications.

It’s important for your Lilies to have enough room to grow and bloom.

Fill your bowl up with fresh water. There is no need to let the water sit. You can plant your Liliey right away!

Be sure your Lilie plant is covered in water 4-6 inches above the crown of the plant (where it comes out of the soil).

You also want to be sure that its leaves aren’t hanging over the edges of the pot because this can cause them to get sunburned.

Add some small fish to your bowl. Not only do they look great swimming around, but they’ll keep mosquito larvae at bay so you won’t need to worry about an infestation.

Just be sure not to feed the fish so that they will eat the mosquito eggs.

Fertilize your water Lilie once every month with aquatic fertilizer tabs.

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