The Amazing Effects Of Taking Spirulina

Today we introduce you to Spirulina and it’s many exciting health benefits. It is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.

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Have you heard of Spirulina? It’s a blue-green alga that has been proven to fight off many common diseases and symptoms. It is vmostly taken in tablet or powder form.

The health benefits of Spirulina are gaining plenty of attention from the wellness world. Today we are going to share what it is, how it can assist you and also share a video explanation from Dr Josh Axe. One thing’s for sure, you will be healthier for taking it.

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10 Spirulina Health Benefits

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As mentioned earlier, Spirulina has impressive credentials. The above infographic shows us 10 of the most significant health benefits. Topping the list is that it detoxes our bodies of heavy metals. It also eliminates Candida and is known to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure symptoms.

Another benefit of taking Spirulina is that it speeds up weight loss, boosts energy, and also alleviates sinus issues. Spirulina is actually more than an alga, it’s actually called cyanobacteria, which acts as a natural probiotic.

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Spirulina Smoothie Mix Recipes

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One of the best ways to get your Spirulina intake is to add it to your Smoothie. We are including this excellent Shake recipe sheet. The 3 primary ingredients are one cup of almond milk, one teaspoon of Spirulina and 12 ice cubes.

You can then choose from the list of additional ingredients which includes berries, honey, flaxseed, bananas etc or even make up your own. They are perfect for a  post-workout boost and for improving your overall gut health.

Spirulina Health Benefits Video

via Dr Josh Axe

In the above video, Dr Josh Axe explains the positive effect that Spirulina can have on your health. A renowned natural-health doctor, he says that he “takes the green stuff” every day.

In this video, he goes into detail about how spirulina is grown, its benefits and how best to use it. Press play above ^

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