Foods That Reduce Body Inflammation Quickly

If you suffer Inflammation in your body, there are certain foods that will ramp up the amps. Today we share with you the best foods to eat and those you must delete.

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Body and digestive inflammation is the basis of many diseases. It also causes leaky gut. Today we share an inflammatory and anti inflammatory foods list that shows what to eat and also delete!

The best way to reduce or eliminate this condition is to address your foods consumed. When you clean up your gut, you clean up your condition. It all starts with what you put into your mouth!

Inflammatory And Anti Inflammatory Foods List

via Detoxopedia

The above infographic is split into two zones, red and green. Anything that is deep-fried or sugar-filled should be removed from your foods consumed.

A diet that is heavy in dairy, gluten and meat will keep you bloated and in pain. You will also find it difficult to lose weight.

On the flipside, leafy greens are a great choice. You can also select from avocado, turmeric, eggs, yogurt, pineapple, and olive oil. Garlic and spinach as well as fermented foods also get the tick.

What Inflammation Does To Your Body

via Dr. Mark Hyman

According to Mark Hyman MD, inflammation is the root cause of keeping us fat and diseased. He has some tough talk for those that care to listen. The results from those that have taken his advice are very encouraging.

He says inflammation is a hidden, smoldering fire in your body. It causes chronic disease and weight gain. He discusses the link between food allergies and inflammation, and what you can do about it. Click Play above to hear him now ^

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