Are You A Leftie Or A Rightie? Find Out Now

Left Vs Right Brain is a hotly debated topic, but which side do you use most often? We’ve got all the answers below.

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Are you a lefty or a righty? We’re not talking about hands here, we’re talking about Left vs Right Brain.

There are 2 sides of the brain that perform different functions. One side is analytical, methodical, always on time and the other is your more creative, impulsive, and artistic side. Do you have an inkling as to which way you lean?

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Left vs. Right Brain – How They Work

This infographic explains how each side of the brain works, and how they affect behavior and personalities.

For example, someone who is left-side dominant is likely to be an A-type personality.

These people love order, having their days mapped out, and their feelings in check. Right-side thinkers tend to be more impulsive and emotional.

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Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

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The above flow chart from Hubspot shows how both sides of your brain are connected but each side controls different parts of your body and thinking processes.

No matter which side you use, it’s important to use both every day.

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Are You Right Or Left-Brained?

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Whatever side of the brain you tend to favor, it’s important to try to balance both sides as much as possible. This way you benefit from creativity and logic, both facts and feelings.

According to the Alzheimers Association, giving both sides of your brain a daily work out can reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer’s later in life.

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6 Brain Damaging Habits

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There are a number of habits that can damage your brain. Smoking, skipping breakfast, air pollution, high sugar consumption, overeating, and sleep deprivation as big hitters.

Now, let’s move on to some of the better choices that you can do every day to improve your left and right brain.

Right Side Brain Tips

Try some challenging puzzles every day. A crossword, sudoku, or an app like Luminosity will get the logic side of your brain moving.

Make time to read or write every day. This can be a novel, newspaper, or a favorite blog . When it comes to writing, try to keep a journal, a blog, or even write a letter. You also score bonus points for putting pen to paper and writing the old-fashioned way!

Pick up a hobby that requires you to use your hands. Knitting, crocheting, sewing, and other needlecrafts are all great choices.

Gardening, scrapbooking, or cake decorating are just some of the hobbies that you can take up. Anything that gets your hands and brain working together, and requires learning some new skills will be hugely beneficial to you in the long run.

Left Side Brain Tips

Get outside. Just a simple stroll around the block every day can get your creative juices flowing.

Tune out. When you’re doing things around the house, or just sitting down for a few minutes, turn the screens off. Let your mind wander and your imagination soar.

Surround yourself with people who make you laugh and keep you upbeat. Even if you just see them once ina while, it’s enough to keep your happy side energized.

Get creative! Try a great adult coloring book, a DIY home decor project, or sketch the sunset. Trying something creative at least once per week can help you be more creative in other areas of your life as well.

Left vs Right Brain Video Quiz

Once you know which side is more dominant in your personality, you can exercise your ‘weaker’ side every day. Once you start using both sides, you’ll see how much more focused and clear your mind can be.

We have included this quick video quiz from Buzzfeed which will help you work out which side you favor. It includes a few quick questions and they can all be done sitting down.

Have a pen and paper ready to track of your answers. At the end of the video, you’ll find out if you use your left or right side more often, or if you use both equally. Click Play above to view now ^

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