Make A Bunny From A Knitted Square

You are going to love this super cute project. Learn how to turn a knitted square into a bunny rabbit. Watch the video tutorial now.

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make bunny from knitted square

Knitters, are you ever going to love today’s adorable project! You will learn how to make a bunny from a knitted square. The results are super cute and he’s very easy to make!

This is a quick project and your knitted square needs to be at least 4 inches or 10 centimeters. Your bunny can be decorated to your heart’s content with all sorts of lovely embellishments.

make bunny from a knitted square

What You Need To Make A Bunny From A Knitted Square

via The Textile Tutor, Youtube.

  • a knitted square (anything over 4″)
  • sewing needle and thread
  • darning needle
  • 3 x pins
  • scissors
  • 2 x small buttons
  • white or cream yarn for the tail
  • narrow ruler
  • card
  • pen
  • approx 8″ narrow ribbon
  • stuffing

Bunny From Knitted Square Video

via The Textile Tutor

Today we share this excellent video tutorial. The Textile Teacher shows you the process step by step.

She takes particular attention with the shaping of the bunny. She uses buttons for the eyes and a pom pom for the tail. To see how to make your bunny, click Play above ^

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