Prepare to have everything you know about fruit turned on its head! Learn the best fruits to eat and the fruit that needs the boot!

When we spied a how much sugar is in fruits list, we knew we simply had to share! We have all grown up believing that an apple a day keeps the Doctor away but many are saying the reverse is true!

Dr. Stephen Gundry has some controversial theories. Perhaps his biggest is that we should give fruit the boot! Don’t get him wrong, he loves fruit, just not all the time. He says it’s nature’s candy and keeping us fat and sick!

Is Dr. Gundry Credible?

Whilst his non-traditional mantra has had many up in arms, as a world-renown cardiovascular specialist, there’s no denying, he is definitely worth listening to.

He has 20 years of experience in this specific field and many more working for mainstream medical. At 70, he is a picture of health, but that hasn’t always been the case. He was well overweight and that is what took him down the rabbit hole!

His views have evolved over time, through careful research and working with his patients. He has transcended the western medical world and made nutrition his primary focus.

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Food is medicine for our bodies and his first book Diet Revolution was a best seller as was The Plant Paradox. These teachings have bought him to the attention of many including Kelly Clarkson who attributes her weight loss transformation to his diet.

He has had the benefit of working with thousands of diabetic and cancer patients, as well as many others suffering from a myriad of diseases.

He says that all diseases begin in the gut. Since our gut is connected to our mind, it is a double whammy. Dr. Gundry says that because seasonal fruit is available all year round, our bodies don’t take a break from it. He cites Gorillas as an interesting example.

They spend their lives in Ketosis and only gain weight in fruit season. Naturally, they gorge themselves during this time, but they are able to return to their usual weight range once the food disappears.

The same would be true for us if we ate in season. These days we have year-round access to out-of-season fruit.

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Seasonal Fruit Chart

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As a result, obesity and diabetic rates are at all-time highs. We must remember that fruit is nature’s candy!

The best way to check if fruits are in season is to buy from farmer’s markets, or source a local ‘in season’ fruit chart like the one provided above.

You should also examine labels and packaging. Check to see if the location that the fruit was grown is local to you.

In many instances, you will find they are being imported from Countries halfway around the world!

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Apple Vs Banana – What’s Lower In Sugar?

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The humble apple has been a source of controversy since the beginning of time. In the Bible, it is referred to as a forbidden fruit and the fruit of knowledge.

Could it be that once you learn about apples you unlock the secret to staying healthy and light? Whilst it all sounds a bit far fetched, most truth is hidden in plain sight!

You might not realize this but it is a known fact that it is easier to get people to believe lies than the truth!

Dr. Gundry says that high sugar and lectins contained in Apples and Bananas mean they are health and diet wrecking balls!

Don’t despair. Fruit can be enjoyed, but sparingly. Tomatoes (yes it’s a fruit) need to be peeled, deseeded, and cooked in a certain way to remove the plant toxins. He does say that you can enjoy bananas provided you eat them green as opposed to fully ripe. Once they ripen they are in his words, sugar bombs!

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What Fruits Are Best To Eat?

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In the last week, we have changed our lifestyle drastically. We have implemented Dr. Gundry’s recommendations as per the chart above and only eaten from his ‘yes list’ foods in his Plant Paradox List.

He says that you can lose one pound a day when you eat this way. On the 7th day, we are happy to report a staggering 4-kilo weight loss.

Dr. Gundry’s lifestyle diet addresses the gut.  As a result, we can report that acid reflux has all but disappeared and so has the bloat. We can’t imagine eating any other way moving forward. If you can’t lose weight, it can only ever come back to what you are consuming.

You may think you are eating healthy but a quick check of the chart above should have you reconsidering!

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If Fruit Is Natural, Why Is It Bad?

Dr. Gundry says that whilst fruit is natural, it needs to be eaten in moderation. He loves fruit himself. It is the high content of fructose that causes the problems. He says that when we consume a diet high in fruit it restricts our body from healing naturally.

The human body runs on glucose. Fructose actually spikes our blood sugars, resulting in a myriad of diseases including rampant pre and full-blown diabetes. 

It’s important to remember that over the years we have been told that smoking does not cause cancer, milk is good for us, and that eggs are bad for us.

There is plenty of evidence in circulation to dispute all of these claims. If you want to benefit from new findings, you must not only research but RE-search.

To benefit from the information you need to be prepared to change your ways. An open mind is mandatory and you need to follow the evidence, not your belief systems.

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How Much Sugar In Fruits List

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Now that you have the background of the dangers of fruit and fructose, it’s time to examine this excellent list from Holistichelp. As you can see, an Apple has a whopping 19 grams of sugar whereas avocadoes and olives which feature prominently in the Mediterranean Diet are 1.3 and 0 grams in comparison.

It’s hardly surprising that some of the longest-living humans subscribe to this diet. This list is a real eye-opener, especially when you see the sugar content in the likes of dates and raisins (93 & 98 grams).

What Are The Best Fruits

Dr. Gundry says blackberries and raspberries are excellent choices as are kiwi fruit. He also says that passionfruit has the lowest fructose and is beneficial to consume.

Apparently, a published Pediatric paper also links fruit juice to short stature and obesity in children. Fructose is linked to DNA damage, inflammation and accelerates fatty liver disease. As Dr. Gundry says, don’t take it from him, do your own research. Just check the sources closely.

What’s In Dr. Gundry’s Fruit Bowl?

via Dr. Steven Gundry, Youtube.

Now that you have examined all the information, would you like to see what is in Dr. Grundy’s Fruit Bowl? Of course, you would!

We highly recommend that you take the time to listen to his case as it could truly change your life and health.  To hear Dr. Gundry, click Play above now ^

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