Learn How To Paint Daisies In A Jar

This beginner acrylic canvas painting tutorial will show you how to paint daisies in a jar. Learn with picture directions and video.
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We’re very excited to introduce you to a great talent and a new WHOot Contributor. Tracie Kiernan is a passionate Artist and Teacher, and she’s here to show us all how to paint daisies in a jar.

This will be the first of many amazing projects that we will share. Tracie’s florals are hugely popular and we couldn’t wait to share this fun project with you.

via tracie kiernan

Painting Daisies In Rustic Mason Jar

via Tracie Kiernan

As you can see above, when broken down step by step, creating this acrylic painting is actually quite simple.

If you are new to painting, have fun with it. There is no right or wrong and at least you are having a go! Relax and get into the flow and channel your inner artist!

via Virgo Bee (Top) & Up All Light Pinterest

What Others Have Made

via Tracie Kiernan, Pinterest.

There is no right or wrong way, just have fun! Here’s a couple of pictures from those that have followed Tracie’s tutorial. Look at the fabulous results.

You can also add some string to your rustic mason jar like the lower image. Imagine how proud you will feel when you are hanging your Daisies In A Jar picture on your wall at home!

How To Paint Daisies In A Jar Video

Video Instructions via Tracie Kiernan

Tracie Kiernan is an expert when it comes to teaching beginners and you are going to love her manner that makes her very watchable and easy to follow.

We highly recommend you view the video, this way you will achieve the very best result. To see Tracie in action, click Play above now ^

Want More Tracie?

As mentioned earlier, Tracie is hugely talented so why not learn how to paint a Jacaranda Tree next?


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