Gorgeous Puppy Dog Rag Quilt Pattern

It’s no surprise to us that this gorgeous Puppy Dog Shaped Rag Quilt has been so popular and you won’t be able to wait to make him. The great news is that this is a beginner friendly pattern.
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There is little that is cuter than a Puppy and the minute we spied this Puppy Shaped Rag Quilt, we knew we had to share.

This PDF Pattern has been a best seller for Green Castle and her version is a baby quilt size.

Etsy Shop Seller, Green Castle created this pattern back in 2010 when she wanted to make this quilt in a baby size for her little one. It took her hours to work out the adjustments.

The reviews are excellent with many saying it is a well-written pattern with clear instructions. It is also beginner-friendly. This Puppy Dog Shaped Rag Quilt is ideal for those with even basic sewing skills.

PDF Pattern Puppy Shaped Rag Quilt

Green Castle has some other interesting sewing patterns for baby quilts in their shop so be sure to check out all the ideas while you’re there.

Etsy Readymade Animal Blankets

via Comfort Critters

If you would like to purchase a readymade Puppy Shaped Quilt, we have found an Etsy shop that can assist.

Another company that offers custom made animal quilts in any shape that you can think up is The Needle and Pins Project.

Want More Ideas?

We have lots of other great ideas on our site including how to make a baby rag quilt. We also highly recommend you view the Teddy Bear Quilt.


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