Advantages Of Using Cast Iron Cookware

There are many advantages of using Cast Iron Cookware and today we explain all the reasons that you should be making the change.

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There are so many advantages using cast iron cookware and today we are going to share our favorite tips and tricks with you. To begin with, it is a much healthier way to cook compared to copper, non-stick, and stainless steel.

Many of the other examples leach harmful chemicals. This can result in your food containing nasty toxins. Cast Iron and Enamel Pots have been a favorite with chefs and home cooks for eons. Both are durable, easier to cook with, and use less oil.


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6 Cast Iron Cookware Advantages

Enamel Cookware is a popular choice for many reasons and some of the other benefits are you use less oil in your cooking so you save on calories, you can also bake in your cast iron skillet as the even heat distribution delivers a perfect crust and no sticking!

Overall, they are easier to clean and they stand the test of time. In the end, their durability will save you money.


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Best Ways To Get Most From Cast Iron Cookware

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Purchasing Cookware is a big investment and there are a number of things you will want to keep in mind.

Stainless Steel, Enamel, and Ceramics are the best choices. You should avoid Aluminium and Copper. The same can be said of non-stick pans. Many contain toxic particles and gasses that have been associated with health issues.


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Raw Cast Iron vs Enamel Cast Iron

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In the Infographic above you can see the comparison between Raw Cast Iron and Enamelled Cast Iron.

Either is great choices and you might like to use a combination of both. You might like to use a combination of both.


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10 Benefits Of Cast Iron Cookware

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This infographic from Kitchen Professor outlines 10 exceptional reasons that you should make the change to cast iron.

Some of the many benefits include retaining heat, using less oil and you can even serve your meal from skillet to table. You can also make delicious bread in it.

Remove Stains from Enamelled Cookware

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Cleaning Enamel Cast Iron Cookware Stains

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If you are using Enamel Cast Iron Cookware, you will want to know how to remove the stains from it. We hunted high and low for the best solution and found this fail-proof method from Country Cleaver.

Simply mix up a paste of Baking Soda and water and apply with a Magic Eraser. If you’d like to make your own Magic Erasers, we have a DIY version here.

Wash your Dutch Oven or Enamel Cookpot with a sponge and dish soap. You only want the burnt-on bits of food and stubborn stains to clean.

Make sure you soak the Eraser in water before you start scrubbing. Your solution should be equal portions of water and baking soda. Country Cleaver has all the information on their website.

5 Reasons To Cook With Cast Iron

We have included a very helpful video that shows you 5 top reasons why you should make the change to cast iron. You will also see a cooking demonstration. Click Play above to view.

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