How To Make Your Skillet New Again

Learn how to season and clean your cast iron skillet like a Pro! Our post has information that you won’t want to miss. Watch now.

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Seasoning and Cleaning Cast Iron Skillet is a highly searched term. Many of us love to cook with cast iron. It is tough, it stays nice and hot, and will also keep your food warmer for longer.

Your pan gets better every time you use it, especially if you keep it seasoned. A small amount of iron is also absorbed into the foods during the cooking process making it a healthier and safer option.

image: screenshot Joshua Weissman, youtube

Washing Cast Iron Skillet

When you know how to care for your Cast Iron correctly, it will last you a lifetime. Youtube Star Joshua Weissman left his cast-iron skillet outside, and in the rain for a whole week.

Rather than throw it out, he set about learning how to restore his skillet to its former glory.

He has done lots of research and conducted many experiments. As a result, he shares noteworthy information on what works.

One of his first recommendations is to soak your cast iron skillet in 50% water and 50% distilled vinegar for an hour. You can soak your skillet for anywhere up to 5 hours if required.

This is like an acid bath for your skillet. He then sprinkles his skillet generously with baking soda and begins the scrubbing process. He recommends using a metal scouring pad for this step and then finishes off with a steel wool pad, all the while rinsing with water.

Seasoning And Cleaning Cast Iron Skillet Video

via Joshua Weissman

As mentioned earlier, Joshua Weissman has plenty of experience with restoring his cast-iron skillet to new. He has lots of valuable tips to share.

His video has had 4 million youtube views and has been very popular. We highly recommend that you watch in order to achieve the best possible results. To see Joshua in action, click Play above ^

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