10 Signs You’re Magnesium Deficient And Why It Matters

Magnesium is a true miracle of nature. Find out the signs you are magnesium deficient and how it affects your health. This is a must read.
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Magnesium is extremely beneficial to your health and general wellness. It is well known for its miracle natural properties. There is a reason it is so heavily prescribed

Today we will share how to tell if you are Magnesium Deficient and why it matters. To begin, we need to understand what the Magnesium benefits are.

via Dr.Axe

Important Magnesium Benefits

via Dr. Josh Axe

As you can see by the infographic above, there are plenty of reasons to ramp up your Magnesium intake.

It assists with digestion which in turn relieves constipation. Magnesium also regulates your calcium and potassium levels helping prevent brittle bones and Osteoporosis.

You will find Magnesium to be a great aid when it comes to insomnia too. You’ll also receive a nice boost to your energy levels and it is wonderful for calming your nerves. The benefits of Magnesium can be life-changing!

via Wellness Mama

10 Signs You Are Magnesium Deficient

via Wellness Mama

The infographic above from Wellness Mama outlines the main signs you may be Magnesium Deficient. Do you recognize any of the symptoms?

High Blood Pressure and Hypertension, Sleep issues, Hormone Problems and Anxiety are some common signs.

Some Magnesium-rich food recommendations include Bananas, Dark Chocolate, Figs, Avocados, Spinach, and Yogurt.

How To Tell If You’re Magnesium Deficient Video

Dr. Carolyn Dean MD has written many books on Magnesium Deficiency. She has lots of excellent information and research results.

She says it is excellent for heart health, diabetes, autoimmune, and many other benefits. She is an authority and considers it a true miracle. We highly recommend that you view her video. Click Play above ^

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