Saturday 22 September 2018

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How Old Is My Dog In Human Years? Find Out Now

How old is my dog in human years is a most asked question when it comes to pets. Now you can find out and it's not what you think. We also have 15 surprising facts about Dogs that we are sure you'll be keen to know.

10 Amazing Medicinal Herbs That Miraculously Heal You

Learn about the herbs that heal and also how to make your own herbal medicines. There is some excellent information in our post that you will be thrilled to learn. Watch Amy Hamilton, a herbal medicine teacher show you what is involved. You will love her excellent tutorial.

10 Real Reasons You Need To Be Meditating Daily

Mental health is your real wealth! Learn the ancient art of Meditation with this comprehensive Beginners Guide. We have got lots of tips and tricks, a video tutorial and more. Learn how to manage anxiety and calm yourself on demand. Don't miss this amazing post!

These Foods May Be Responsible For Your Bad Mood

There are certain foods that can affect your mood adversely and contribute to depression. Our post shows you the main ones that you should consider eliminating from your diet. We also feature a video from Dr Hagmeyer that has incredibly informative and easy to implement tips that can knock anxiety, brain fog and depression on the head. We have included some mood rings and necklaces for you to check out and an infographic. View now.

Insomnia Remedies To Have You Sleeping Like A Baby

If you find it hard to sleep, you don't want to miss our post. It has Insomnia tips to fall asleep like the reason that you should be sleeping on your right side. You will also learn the triggers and how to turn your bedroom into the ultimate sleep cave. Dr Eric Berg is here to show you his secrets to sleep success.

Did You Know There’s 4000 Chemicals In One Cigarette?

What's in cigarettes? How about Paint Stripper, Floor Cleaner, Gases used in Gas Chambers, Industrial Solvent, White Ant Poison and that's the good stuff! There are 4000 poisonous chemicals that smokers pay a small fortune to inhale. Are you or someone you know one of them? Don't turn away, learn the information and put it in front of those that need it most. Chances are they don't realize the extent of what they are inhaling.

Find Out The Secrets Of The Bristol Stool Chart

Before you flush you might want to check your Poop against the famous Bristol Stool Chart that's used by all the Medical Professionals. Compare yours against the charts and see how your inner health is travelling. We also show you how much daily fiber you need! This informative post is not to be missed!

How To Know What Your Laundry Care Tags Mean

Are you one of many that are yet to decode the many laundry symbols that appear on our clothes? Are you washing what you should be dry cleaning? Our infographic will shed some light and help you ensure that you are getting it right. Grab your pinnable chart now.

How To Make Those Pesky Fleas Flee Your Home

95% of Fleas are not on your Pet, that means they are lurking out in your home and doing you damage. Would you like to know how to get rid of them safely using natural ingredients? We've got all the info, remedies and recipes you'll need. Read strategies that readers rave about and watch the video that has top tips from a Vet.

How To Make Toilet Cleaning Fizzies The Easy Way

Learn how to clean your Loo like a Pro. Our post includes the amazing Toilet Cleaning Bombs plus an excellent trick on how to lose the stinky urine smell. We also show you how to make your own toilet spray that traps the odors. Don't miss this excellent post.

Copycat Homemade 3 Ingredient Febreze Recipe

If you are addicted to Febreze Fabric Refresher as we are, you'll be excited to find out that you can make your own non-toxic version at home. We have the 3 ingredient recipe and a video tutorial to show you how. You can spray it around to your hearts content without adding nasty chemicals to your environment.

Pro Tricks To Make Fruit& Veg Last Much Longer

There are a number of clever things you can do to make your fruit and veg last a whole lot longer and these handy tips and tricks show you how to lay your pantry and fridge out the right way. We have a video tutorial with 10 of the best money saving hacks too. Grab your pinnable charts and check out the great ideas now.

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