We’re always on the hunt for cute and inexpensive buys and we’ve rounded up some of the most popular on offer. Check them out now.

In our travels, we come across some of the cutest finds to buy. Today we are rounding up some of our favorites. We have something for everyone in our post and some fabulous gift ideas.

By making small and inexpensive gift purchases throughout the year, you can avoid the frantic and often overpriced holiday season. Check out all the ideas now and Pin your favorites.

Knitted Cupcake Beanies

It’s easy to see why everyone has been swooning over these cute knitted cupcake beanies. They are the sweetest we have seen.

Scarecrow Wreath Tutorial

via One Of A Kind Designs 

This Scarecrow Wreath is absolutely amazing and the best part is you can make it yourself.

Old Lady Wigs

These Old Lady Wigs have been a smash and it’s easy to see why. You can purchase them outright or even make one yourself.

Unicorn Crochet Outfit

This Baby Crochet Outfit from Etsy is another very popular idea that would make the most perfect newborn gift.

Let Them Be Little Sign

We love this “Let Them Be Little” Sign and it’s perfect for a nursery or a special spot in your home. It comes in a range of pretty colors too.

via Etsy

Crochet Baby Outfits

These amazing Crochet Baby Outfits are just a sample of the stunning ideas that you will find in the creators Etsy Shop. They are readymade and ready to give.

Crochet Curler Wig

Another fun idea for your little one is this Crochet Curler Hat. This is super cute for photos and makes a lovely and unique gift.

Crochet Newborn Baby Lion Cocoon

This adorable baby cocoon has been one of the most popular purchases on our site and it’s easy to see why.

Crochet Cat Cave Dome

via Etsy 

It doesn’t get any cuter than this adorable Crochet Cat Dome and it’s a true Pussy paradise!

Clear Jigsaw Puzzle

via Etsy

Are you ready to go next level with your jigsaws? This Clear Jigsaw Puzzle is a must for anyone who loves to while their hours away.

Dog And Cat Bunny Ears

These Dog and Cat Bunny Ears are another hugely popular idea that our community has been going mad over.


Sherpa Moccasin Pet Beds

Another insanely popular idea that everyone has been snapping up for their furbabies is this Sherpa Moccasin Pet Bed.

Redhead Warning Label T-shirt

Know any redheads that need this t-shirt? It’s a best seller for a reason and we’re sure you have just the person in mind!

Smoke Alarm Tea Towel

This is a popular Tea Towel that would make a great gift for home cooks and bakers!

Crochet Mouse Cat Cocoon

via Etsy 

How adorable is this Crochet Mouse Cocoon and it’s perfect for your favorite feline friend.

Unicorn Rainbow Shower Heads

via Etsy 

Everyone has gone mad for these fabulous Unicorn Shower Heads and we’re sure that you have someone in mind that will absolutely love it.

These Crochet Men’s Shorts have been hugely popular in our community and we bet there’s someone you have in mind for them.

These Crochet Curtain Tie Backs are perfect for a favorite space in your place. You can choose from all sorts of amazing designs.

  • See All The Curtain Tie Backs Here

via Etsy 

Owl Succulents

How sweet are these little owls and they come with an assortment of different succulents.

We love these Firefighter and Police Birdhouses and they sure are cute. There are lots of different styles in the range.

  • Check Them All Out Here

This Daschund Letterbox is just one of the amazing creations you will find in Peg Bradley’s Etsy Shop.
She also has beautiful Bird Houses and Feeders. You can view them all here.
  • Get The Dog Letterboxes Here

  • Get The Dog Letterboxes Here

This Shark Pet Bed is simply too cute and it makes a wonderful gift too.

This Tinkerbelle Crochet Outfit is beyond adorable and we know you will have someone in mind to buy it for.

This Dr Seuss Reading Pillow is great inspiration for a little one in your world to get involved with books.

These Pine Cone Flowers are gorgeous and perfect for bouquets and wreaths. There are lots of different styles.

  • See Them All Here

Everyone’s been loving these adorable Denim Vests that are perfect for your pooch. We have compiled a full article featuring all the versions.

This reindeer snood can be made to suit all dog breeds and there are a number of different styles that you can select from.


Yard Tool Rack

This Yard Tool Rack is simply ingenious and will clear up the clutter in your garage in no time at all.

  • Get Yours Tool Rack Here

Welcome Tree Personalized Wreath

via Etsy

Unicorn Letters

These super cute Unicorn Letters are perfect for a bedroom and make an adorable gift for a little one.

  • Get Yours Here

This gorgeous Unicorn Outfit is perfect for the special little one in your life. It’s not surprising that it’s a best seller for the creator.

  • Get Your Unicorn Outfit Here

This Owl Silk Scarf has been hugely popular and it’s easy to see why.

Here’s another popular version of the silk shawl, and this time it’s a Peacock. It’s one of many different styles available.

Best Ever Trump Coffee Cup

These Trump Coffee Cups are a hilarious gift and come in Grandpa, Grandma, Mother, Father and they will certainly get the laughs!


We adore this Elmo Tutu and so will the little one that is lucky enough to receive it. Who wouldn’t want to prance around in this?

This crochet cat hat with curlers has been hugely popular with cat owners and it’s easy to see why.

This super cute Cookie Monster 3 piece outfit will look adorable in photos and it’s the sweetest ever gift.

Here’s another great gift idea for your yarn obsessed friend. How about these glow in the dark, LED Crochet Hooks? Everyone’s been going mad for them and they will too.

Everyone is loving these gorgeous and very colorful Rainbow Poncho’s. You can get them in an assortment of styles too.

This cute Personalised Minky Blanket is adorable and very well made. This is a best seller and we can see why.

These super cute crochet pig and baby cow diaper and hat sets have been hugely popular.

These Hand knitted teddy bear booties are the perfect gift.

Chocolate Cherry Sunflower Seeds

You’ve never seen a sunflower this color! Imagine how amazing they will look in your garden.

  • Get The Sunflower Seeds Here

This Water Bottle Dog Bowl is a must if you are a Dog Owner. This is brilliant for when you are on the go or in the park and it’s easy to use in your car too. Get yours here

Crochet Bunny Slipper Patterns

These Bunny Slippers have been very popular also and you can purchase the Pattern to make them for your family and friends for a small amount. They can be found on Etsy.

Crochet Dragon Gloves

Hugely popular have been these Crochet Dragon Gloves and they are available in all sorts of colors and designs.

Crochet Elvis Outfit

How adorable is this Crochet Elvis Outfit? This is super cute and something that is ideal for photos.

These Crochet Custom Pets are the perfect gift for yourself or a friend. All you need to do is send in a photo and they will be recreated to mirror your furbaby and the results are absolutly adorable.

When it comes to keeping your wine glass safe, why not pop it around your neck! These Crochet Wine Glass Necklaces are an excellent gift and perfect for camping or festivals. You can get them in all colors and they are inexpensive too.

Everyone’s gone mad for these Unicorn Slippers and it’s easy to see why. They light up when you walk and we also have found them in a heated version. Check them out here.

Turn your Dog or Cat into an adorable seashell keepsake. Just send in a photo of your furbaby and voila! See them all here.

These windshield decals are the best we have ever seen and again, so much fun! Great gift idea too. Get yours here.

These Chicken Car Decals are too funny and what a great gift idea. We’re sure you’ll want them on your own vehicle too.

This best selling dog toy is an unpoppable ball and it comes in 3 different sizes from small, medium and large. You can order it in an assortment of colors too.

You’re never too old for Unicorn Slippers and they come in baby through to adult size. Get yours here.

Perfect for those with a house full of boys, this doormat makes the perfect gift for family and friends. Get yours here.

Ha! It might be a bit snarky, but it’s also very liberating and a lot of fun. It’s a best seller too! Get yours here.

Another popular seller that will gain you plenty of head turns is this fun t-shirt. We bet you have someone in mind! Get Yours Here.

This No Soliciting House Sign is  best seller and would make a fabulous house warming gift too. Get yours here.

This Cinderella Princess Outfit is a gorgeous gift and another popular best seller on Etsy. Get yours here.

This Scarecrow Wreath is a best seller for the Etsy Shop and you will love adding it to your home. Get yours here.

These Bowl Cozies are another best seller on Etsy and they will save you from burning your hands and fingers.

We can all relate to this fun sign that would be a great gift for family and friends. We can all relate for sure!

  • Get Your Sign Here

This Cat Rolling Pin is just one of the engraved rolling pin ideas that you will find on Etsy. The Seller has so many amazing versions that you are going to want them all. Check them out here.

This Crochet Egg Gathering Apron is fabulous and it’s perfect for your Chicken loving friends. They are hugely popular and sell out continuously so you will need to put your order in. They are available on Etsy. Get yours here.

Who can resist a Crochet Troll Hat and we found these adorable versions on Little Duckie Boutique on Etsy. She has some incredible creations and you can custom order.

Looking for a cute party or Halloween Outfit? The kids will have a bit of fun with these Tattoo Sleeves. The great news is that they are only temporary!

There is a wide variety of versions available that you can select from. You can get them in sizes from Baby Onesies to kids size.

My Aunt Unicorn T-Shirt

It’s easy to see why this cute t-shirt has been a best seller and we bet you have someone in mind for it.

  • Get Yours Here

This Owl Scarf has been hugely popular and with very good reason. It would make the perfect gift for Owl obsessed friends and family members. It looks like it has real feathers and is a stunner to say the least. You can view the collection here

These gorgeous Bride and Bridesmaid Glasses are decorated with glitter and jewels and a cute tutu skirt. They are wonderful gifts that will take your wedding to the next level. They are available by custom order on Etsy here

We love these Wedding Shoe Photo Charms and what a great idea they would be for a gift for the bride. This is a lovely touch particularly if there are those who are absent or have passed away.

  • Check out the range on Etsy here

Here’s a cute idea, why not add a Cookie Monster Decal to your Mixer like the one above! Everyone’s been going mad for them and you can get yours here

Now you can turn your favorite scribble, kids pictures and messages into wonderful and treasured jewelry pieces that will last a lifetime. View our post here

These Tie The Knot Bracelets are an Etsy Bestseller. They are ideal for Bridesmaids Gifts or a friendship gift idea for family and friends. You can see them here 

It’s easy to see why everyone went mad for these super cute Puppy Sun Visor Hats and they were so incredibly popular on our Facebook Page. Who wouldn’t want to see their furbaby in one? They are a cute gift idea for pet lovers.

Here’s a super cute idea that we found on Homestead Survival on Facebook. It’s a chicken bag and just look at the priceless look on the chooks face. The photo was sent in by Sara R.

This is one of those gift ideas that will bring a smile to anyone’s dial and it’s the ultimate Hen Handbag. It’s extremely inexpensive too. It would be perfect for collecting eggs!

We love these hilarious Front Door Mats and they have been hugely popular for Etsy Shop Fox and Clover. There are lots of different sayings you can choose from.

Easily one of the most sought after ideas that we shared on our site this week are these Crochet Rainbow Hooded Scarves. They come in an assortment of colors including vibrant and pastel tonings and there is something to suit all tastes. View the collection here

If you love The Pioneer Woman as we do, her Cookware Range is something you will be keen to add your cupboards. Check out the whole collection here 

Everyone loves Pine Cones and this adorable Pine Cone Necklace is the sweetest thing you can get yourself. Grab yours here

What does a Dandelion mean to you? Well, for most it’s a treasured childhood memory and now you can wear one around your neck. We love this gorgeous piece that we found on Etsy. They make a great gift and are inexpensive. Get yours here

This family photo display idea is a wonderful gift or something you may like to spoil yourself with. It is one of several designs and available on Etsy.

These Baby Nap Mats from Z-Cush are so popular with our community and they make a wonderful shower gift too. They come in a range of weights, styles and fun patterns.

We love these Disney Kitchen Utensils and we are sure that you do too. They will brighten up a favorite space in your place.

Everyone went mad for the Our House Is Lived In Sign and there is a huge range and assortment to suit all home decor on Etsy. You can view the whole collection here

Another well-received idea was this Coffee and Wine Glass Rack. We are sure you have someone in mind for this very piece.

We’re sure you have someone in mind for this cute coffee mug. What a great and inexpensive gift.

We have this Chi Vitalizer and it is a blessing to say the least. It’s great for restless legs, back pain and weight loss. You can do 10,000 steps in 15 minutes with this machine and you will feel like you have done a big workout. We love ours! Get the details here

If you are an avid reader or knows someone that is and also an animal lover, we highly recommend this wonderful true story of A Lion Called Christian. It is nothing short of wonderful and tells of the love of a lion and his owners who purchased him in Harrods back in the 60’s. They released him to the wild and were reunited years later. There’s a reason it is a best seller! See more details here

We love these Measuring Cup Decals and they are a best seller on Etsy. You can get yours here.

Another popular idea on our site this week has been this Jeep Bed and you can give the plans as a gift to someone particularly if they have a handy member of the family that can whip this up. This is a terrific idea that any child would love. They are available Here

Another fabulous project and very popular on our Facebook Page is this Bulldozer Bed with bucket bookshelf. This is perfect for the kids and they will love it.

This Horse Wreath Head comes in kit form and is perfect for the holidays. We love this idea and bet you will too.

If you have a Crochet mad friend or maybe you are, this A-Z Crochet Book is just what you need. It is full of great techniques, a glossary of terms and is a must-have in your collection. It’s perfect for beginners and Intermediates alike.

These Crochet Tank Slippers are a wonderful gift and very unique too. Can you think of someone who would love a pair?

While we’re still on the subject of cool kids finds, this Batman Booster seat has been a hit. You can get a range of superhero styles from the seller. Check them out here

Here’s a great way to get growing and purify the water all in one hit. It’s easy and inexpensive and the kids would love to keep their eyes on it too. Get yours here 

This number one bestseller digitizes your film and negatives and has been hugely popular on our site. It’s easy to see why it’s such a great idea. You can get yours here

Love this great idea that we found on Amazon.

Horseshoe Christmas Tree

Everyone loved this Horseshoe Tree when we shared it on Facebook and it’s such a cute idea.

Christmas In Heaven Chair

Grandmacorn T-Shirt

I Am Not A Hugger T-Shirt

Aunticorn Coffee Mug

Dew Drop Crochet Handbag

via Bunny Hood

It’s easy to see why everyone has been loving this stunning bag. It is a real statement piece that will draw plenty of compliments.

Crochet Holiday Bag

via Bunny Hood Shop

Another gorgeous bag is this lovely big bucket bag. It has plenty of room for all your essentials and is ideal for daily activities and leisure.

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