Super Comfy 5 Layer Washable Face Masks

If you are looking for a 5 Layer Face Mask that’s washable, we have rounded up the most popular for sale. Check out the collection now.

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If you are on the hunt for a 5 layer face mask that’s washable, this best selling version is a must. This unisex mask comes in child size through to adult and is water and bacteria resistant.

According to the seller, the Inner layers are 100% cotton, soft, and water absorbent and the reviews from those that have purchased say they are super comfy to wear.

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There are 3 filter layers: 2 thinner filters are polyester battings (helps with holding the mask’s shape) and one layer of cotton polyester (thick but light and soft, keep you warm nice and warm).

Polyester also has better resistance to germs than cotton, so that is why they chose them for the filters.

5 layer face mask washable for sale

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5 Layer Face Masks Details

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You can purchase these Face Masks on Etsy using our affiliate link below. The Seller has excellent reviews and a big collection of masks to choose from.

Exhale Valve Face Mask

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Best Selling Mask With 5 Layer Filters

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Washable 5 Layer Face Mask

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