You’ll Love These Animal Shaped Wreaths

You’ll love this collection of Animal Shaped Wreaths that are perfect for Christmas. We have cats, dogs, chickens, farm animals and more.

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We couldn’t believe our eyes when we spied these utterly gorgeous Animal Shaped Wreaths and there’s something for everyone.

You will find cats and dogs and even farm animals and they will cheer up your holiday door no end. They certainly are a great alternative to the traditional Christmas Wreaths.

Scottish Terrier Animal Shaped Wreaths

This Scottish Terrier Animal Wreath looks adorable on its own but you can add some lights to give it a truly festive feel.

Labrador Christmas Wreath

If you are a dog lover there are a number of different designs including this super cute labrador.

Daschund Animal Wreath

via Etsy

We love the way this Daschund Animal Wreath has a bell on the end of his nose and a bright red ribbon.

West Highland Terrier Wreath

Another popular dog wreath is this Terrier version and it’s easy to see why!

Poodle Holiday Wreath

Here’s one for the poodle lovers! This will look super cute in a favorite space in your place.

Schnauzer Christmas Wreath

via Etsy

French Bulldog Animal Wreath

via Etsy

Cat Christmas Wreath

We fell head over paws the minute we spied this cute cat animal wreath. If you’re a cat owner, this one is for you!

Chicken Christmas Wreath

Everyone has gone clucky over this Chicken Wreath and you will too! It makes a great gift for your chicken loving friends!

Horse Wreath

Cow Wreath

DIY Chicken Wreath Tutorial

via youtube

This super cute Chicken Wreath is one that you can make at home. There are easy to follow instructions on the youtube channel. Find the details here.


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