Baby Mustache Pacifier Is The Most Adorable Newborn Gift

Are you looking for a unique and inexpensive gift for a newborn? The Baby Mustache Pacifier is just what you are looking for. Giddee Up and get yours now!

This Baby Mustache Pacifier is a great photo opp and also 100% BPA free. The Etsy Seller says that the Pacifier can be used by infants and toddlers of any age.

Its nipple is small enough for babies aged 0-6 months according to the seller. The mustache pacifier is soft, flexible teether material and cannot be detached from the pacifier.

Baby pacifiers features orthodontic nipple design, and a silicone nipple. The Pacifier shield is made of firm plastic and features ventilation holes. Another item that goes great with this pacifier is the pacifier clip, also available in Mid West Kids Etsy Shop.

Visit now and grab your Mustache and ClipĀ hereĀ 

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