These Owl Planters Are Completely OWLdorable

If you are an Owl fan, a Ceramic Owl Planter deserves pole position in your home. They are super cute and will bring a smile to your dial every time you see them.
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We’re totally in love with these Owl Ceramic Planters and you will be too. The Etsy Seller has an amazing collection of beautiful ideas you won’t want to miss.

This adorable series includes the see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil and it’s a great reminder to have in your home. They make a wonderful gift too.

You can even have your owl planters displayed on a cute little tree as shown above. What a clever idea.

Some more favorites, we love the colors that feature in these cuties. Those sweet little faces are the perfect accessory for succulents and herbs.

Nice and colorful, these owldorable owls feature traditional big eyes and they will brighten up any space in your place.

As mentioned earlier, you can use your owl planters for herbs, succulents and how about your kitchen utensils? We’re sure you’ll find plenty of ways to display them.


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