Looking for a sweet gift for a little one. This Crochet Baby Lion Hat will turn heads and make for the most adorable photos. Get yours ordered now.

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This Crochet Baby Lion Hat Has Been Super Popular

From the same maker of the very popular Crochet Baby Lion Cocoon comes this sweeter than sweet, Crochet Baby Lion Hat.

We absolutely fell head over heels when we saw it and you will too. It makes the perfect gift too.

Crochet Baby Lion Hat

via Littlest Yarn Shop 

Just look at those faces! You can take adorable photos too and your little one will love them.

You can also get your Crochet Baby Lion Hat in larger sizes too. Simply visit the Creators Site and you can see the various options.

Newborn Crochet Lion Set

via Littlest Yarn Shop

Another very popular newborn outfit is this Crochet Lion Set. It can have bows added too and is ideal for photo props, as a baby shower gift, a Halloween costume and the like.

Crochet Baby Lion Hat & Diaper Set

via Wee Bee Uniques by Julie 

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