Lace Heart Baby Blanket Is Perfect For A Newborn

Finding the perfect piece for that new arrival just got a whole lot easier. This gorgeous Lace Heart Baby Blanket is guaranteed to send hearts a fluttering.
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It seems every time you turn around, someone is expecting. Trying to come up with the perfect gift is not always easy.

That’s why this gorgeous Knitted Lace Hearts Baby Blanket has been so hugely popular. There is no way that you can fall short with something as beautiful as this.

Lace Heart Baby Blanket Particulars

via Beloved, Etsy

This lace hearts knitted baby blanket is made of 100% merino wool. It is Hand knitted and amazingly soft and will no doubt become a treasured heirloom.

You can custom order your hand knitted lace baby blanket in any color you like. Why not get something that will perfectly complement the nursery?


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