You are going to love these Macrame Cat Hammock Bed Ideas and there’s something for every puss on the planet. Check them out now!

macrame cat hammock bed

As Etsy Affiliates we are always on the hunt for great ideas to share with our community. We recently shared this Macrame Cat Hammock Bed on  Facebook and everyone fell head over paws!

If you have a puss in your home, you can bet they are going to love hanging out in any one of these handpicked ideas. Macrame Beautiful is the popular Etsy Shop behind these designs and they are absolutely beautiful.

macrame cat hammock bed

via Macrame Beautiful, Etsy

Macrame Cat Hammock Bed

via Macrame Beautiful 

These Macrame Cat Beds can be made in various colors, sizes, and styles. They are made of strong, durable cords and are dip-dyed with bright colors.

The total length is around 33.46 inches/85cm from the top to the bottom including tassels The width is around 15.74 inches/40cm

macrame cat hammock bed

via Macrame Beautiful

Macrame Hanging Cat Bed

via Macrame Beautiful 

Here is another very popular version of the hanging cat hammock. This one is like a basket and is the perfect place for your puss to curl up for a nap.

macrame cat hammock bed

via Macrame Beautiful

Cat Hanging Hammock Bed

via Macrame Beautiful

Here is another popular style of the cat hammock that gets great reviews.

via Macrame Beautiful

Hanging Cat Bed

via Macrame Beautiful

As you can see by the ideas that we have shared, Emma the creator behind Macrame Beautiful has plenty of great ideas to choose from. The cat hammock above has also been a best seller.

Where To Find These Cat Hammocks

As mentioned earlier, Emma from Macrame Beautiful is a best-selling Etsy Shop. The good news is that Emma has loads of other ideas too.

You can find plant holders, nursery decor, and wall hangings to name a few. Be sure to spend some time browsing, you won’t be disappointed!

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