These Wooly Felt Cat Caves Are Purrrfect

These Wooly Felt Cat Caves are Purrrrfect and your furbaby will love it. Check out all the super cute ideas now.
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The minute we spied these adorable Wooly Felt Cat Caves, we knew we had to share with you. It doesn’t surprise us one bit that they are hugely popular and in fact, a best-seller on Etsy.

Pick out a color to suit your home decor. Your furbaby will love hiding out in this pussy paradise.

Wooly Felt Cat Caves Details

You can select from a range of designer colors that will match your decor perfectly and they make a purrrfect gift idea too.

Here’s another wooly cat cave that has been hugely popular on Etsy. We love the swirly colors and they are a great price point too.

Another cute cat cave is this version that has ears. You can get it in an assortment of popular colors too.

More Feted Cat Caves

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