How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

There's a reason they call it beauty sleep! It's this time your body rejuvenates and heals. You can also burn calories. If you don't get enough, you can experience anxiety and depression and more. Check our chart that shows quotas for all ages and has great info for babies too. Find out the trick to falling asleep in under one minute too! You'll love this informative post.

No Bake Vanilla Slice Recipe 4 Ingredients

It's the famous 4 Ingredient No Bake Vanilla Slice recipe that has taken the world by storm and now you can make your own incredibly delicious custard slice. We've included a video tutorial too. Don't miss this easy and incredibly yummy recipe. It's a prize winner for sure!

Puffy Bubble Rainbow Quilt Video Tutorial

You will love to make this gorgeous Rainbow Bubble Quilt and it's easy when you know how! We've also included a Puff Quilt and Rag Quilt for you to try. Be sure to check out all the amazing ideas now, you will love what you see!

Glasses Hacks Every Wearer Needs To Know

If you wear glasses, these 10 fast and fabulous hacks are game changers and will enhance your life on a daily basis. We have a super quick video that you won't want to miss. Check it out now.

Make Your Own Vanilla Extract Recipe

Cooking Extracts can be so expensive to buy but we show you how to make them at home for a fraction of the price and it couldn't be easier. We even have a video to step you through the process. See how to make your favourite flavours including Vanilla Extract now.

Super Cute Tooth Fairy Pillow Ideas

Make this sweet little Tooth Pillow for when the Tooth Fairy visits! These are so cute and the kids will love them. We have them in sewing, crochet and knitted versions. We also have a video tutorial. Read the cute Tooth Fairy Letter too.

How To Make Most Delicious Macarons

Today we're going French .. Macarons that is! We have tracked down the most viewed youtube video tutorial and the creator says that her Macarons Recipe is fool proof! If you have always wanted to make these simple treats but thought they were a bit tricky, you will love this post. Click the link now and you'll soon be baking like a Pro!

Wilton Tips And Decorating Charts

We've rounded up excellent Pinnable Wilton Decorating Charts that show you all the various tips and how to use them. Watch the video too that has 13 amazing and very easy techniques that you will love.

How To Give The Weight A Big Shake

Is your Leptin Hormone working for you or against you? The minute you learn the tricks to flicking the switch, you will look and feel so much better. It's also the answer to easy and long term weight loss. This is not a fad but it's still not widely known. Learn how to get your levels spot on for your body and experience a whole new way of wellness. See what you need to eat and what to avoid. Watch the short video and see if the symptoms match how you feel. Every woman needs to read this!

Cute Hanging Dish Towel Dress Pattern

Learn how to make a Hanging Kitchen Towel Dress. They are super easy to make and look great and they will take pride of place in your kitchen. They're so much prettier than an ordinary dish towel and will make a lovely gift. Check out all the gorgeous versions now and watch the video tutorial too.

Egg Substitutes Perfect For Baking

You will be surprised at the Egg substitutions that you can use in your baking. We give you 5 easy alternatives and a delicious Eggless Chocolate Mousse that has been a Pinterest Sensation. Learn how to make a 3 ingredient Apple Sauce for your cooking too.

Crochet Cheat Sheets The Best Collection

We've put together the best collection of Crochet Cheat Sheets and they are going to be so handy for you. We have conversion charts, how much yarn you need, abbreviations, stitch guide and awesome colour charts to name a few. We have also included a must view video that teaches you everything you need to know about various yarns. You'll find it so informative.

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