How To Upcycle Your Old Blue Jeans Into Planters

You will be so excited to learn how to upcycle jeans into Denim Jeans Planters to make unique creations for your home. They look amazing and you are going to love them.

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If you have some old jeans that you don’t know what to do with, upcycle them into blue jeans planters. This has been a hugely popular project and they are lots of fun to make.

The best part, you are repurposing and get to use your creativity. The whole family will love this super cute idea and they make great handmade gifts too. You could also sell them at markets.

via instructables

Blue Jeans Planters

via Birdz Of A Feather, Instructables.

The above Blue Jeans Planters from Birdz of A Feather have been hugely popular. Apparently, the idea started with a pool noodle and progressed from there!

The idea was an instant hit on their Facebook Page and then they decided to make a video to show others how. As you can see from the photos above, they have achieved a fantastic result.

These blue jeans planters will add a touch of whimsy to your property. You can pop them in a corner, against trees, on your verandah, or a bench like above .

This fabulous version was made by one of our community members and we’re sure that you will agree, they’ve done a great job!

Top Image via gardening cook and lower image via new girl on the blog

You will be so excited to learn how easy and inexpensive this DIY is. One thing is for sure, they will be the talk of not only your garden, but the entire neighborhood!

We love the way the above version has its legs dangling off the verandah. They look so realistic!

Blue Jeans Planters Video

via Birdz Of A Feather, Youtube.

We have included a Video Tutorial that will step you through the process of making your own Denim Jeans Planters.

The great news is that they are super easy to recreate and as mentioned, there are so many styles that you are going to be able to make. To view the video click Play above ^

Jeans Planters

via Pinterest

Another interesting way to display these jeans planters is attached to a balcony or fence.

They can make a great privacy screen too. One thing is for sure they will get plenty of attention.

Jeans Planters

via oregon live

Do you have a big tree in your garden? Pop some rope around the tree and you can easily hook your blue jeans planters onto them.

This is such a clever idea, and they look great too!

Jeans Planters

image source

Here’s one of our favorite jeans planters. We love this version that is made to sit on steps. You can achieve a very realistic look using this pose. A bandana or belt is a nice touch too.

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