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Amazing Uses For Vicks you Never Knew

You will never look at that jar of Vicks the same way again. You’ll be so surprised at all the very good uses that you can put it to …

There are so many amazing uses for Vicks and did you know that you can make your own! You can put a halt to coughing by rubbing it on your feet and covering with socks.

This is a trick that will come in very handy in your home. Nothing is worse than a hacking cough that keeps the house awake at night..

12 Uses For Vicks Vaporub

This remedy is tried and true and it really works! You can even use it for Toenail Repair, Healing Cuts and Splinters and to stop your cat from scratching!  Apparently, when you have headaches you can rub Vicks on your temples and the mentholated scent instantly relieves the pressure, providing immediate relief.

Vicks Insect Repellant

Vicks Vaporub also contains Cedarleaf Oil which is a natural Insect Repellant. Just rub a little on your skin. Dab it on your ankles, wrists, neck, inner elbows, knees and behind your ears. The smell of the menthol will repel the insects. You can also rub it on the mosquito bites to relieve itching.


via  Earning My Cape

via Indian Spot 

Homemade Vicks Recipe

 Homemade All Natural Vicks via Garden Therapy

Vicks Vapor Discs

Get recipe —>  Vicks Vaporub Shower Discs Recipe

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