How To Pick The Best Apples For Baking

How well do you know your apples? The correct selection will make a huge difference to your recipes and baking results. Find out now.

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If you love to bake, and apples are a key ingredient,  this apple baking guide chart is going to be your new best friend. Certain varieties are better suited to different recipes and cooking techniques.

Now, you will no longer be in the dark! This handy chart shows you the best choices for your pies, sauces, desserts, ciders, and even snacking!

apple cooking guide for baking

via the best dessert recipes 

Apple Cooking Guide Chart

via The Best Dessert Recipes

This excellent chart from The Best Dessert Recipes was recently featured in our post, how to stop apples browning.

We included some excellent tips and tricks and it proved to be very popular with our community.

As you can see, Granny Smiths are great for baking and whilst Golden Delicious is too, you could also use them in a myriad of other ways.

How To Pick Best Apples For Cooking Video

While we’re on the subject, this video explains how to select apples correctly from the grocery store and what to look for.

This is fantastic information that you won’t want to miss. Once viewed, why not put your newfound skills to the test with our favorite apple pie recipe. Press play above to view ^

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