Lemons are so handy and they pack a big cleaning punch! We’ve put together a selection of powerful DIY recipes that really work!

You will be amazed to learn how to clean with lemon and the sparkling results that can be achieved! Bring your sinks, countertops, showerheads, and taps back to their glistening best with this powerhouse ingredient.

There are so many clever ways to use them in your household and today we are sharing a number of excellent DIY recipes that will get you the absolute best results. They are environmentally friendly and will save you time and money. You can even grow you own lemon tree from seed.

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Common Uses For Lemons

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As you can see from the Infographic above, there are many ways you can utilize Lemons around the home. You can polish your copper and sanitize your chopping boards. On a personal level, you can whiten fingernails, soften cuticles and even soothe a sore throat.

Lemons look amazing in a bowl on your kitchen countertop too. They are extremely cheery and will brighten any home decor. Lemons are known for their antiseptic qualities which makes them especially valuable when it comes to cleaning.

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How To Clean With Lemon – 10 Ways

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Becky from Clean Mama has outlined 11 everyday ways that you can incorporate Lemons in your cleaning regime.

It’s a natural bleach which makes it perfect for cleaning your grout. As a natural sanitizer, it’s perfect for wiping down your surfaces and ensuring no nasty residue remains and it’s a great furniture polisher too! When it comes to freshening your room, it’s a must and it’s also ideal for cleaning your microwave. Be sure to Pin this excellent infographic.

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DIY Lemon Cleaning Recipes

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There are so many things you can use Lemons for around your home including removing gum, grease, and crayon to name a few.

The list above from Heiton Buckley includes some excellent DIY cleaner recipes and Lemon Essential Oil is also a powerful substitute.

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All Natural Tile And Grout Cleaner

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Lisa has created her own All Natural Grout and Tile Cleaner that uses 1/3 cup of Lemon Juice, 1/2 cup of Baking Soda, and 1/4 cup of White Vinegar.

She says on her blog that it works a treat! All you do is whisk it together and then let it sit for 15 minutes before you rinse or scrub off.


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Lemon Drain Cleaner Recipe

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Apparently, the average home contains up to 25 gallons of toxic chemicals, many of which are in store-bought cleaners.

By using a natural ingredient like lemon or vinegar, you are personally contributing to a more environmentally friendly world. Do you have grubby marks and fingerprints all over your windows and mirrors? You can boil lemon rinds in water and then dip a coffee filter in the mixture anc clean with lemon for great results.

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Clean Glass And Garbage Disposal With Lemon

Apart from getting great results when it comes to glass and mirrors, you can use lemon to sanitize your garbage disposal.

Try pouring a gallon of hot water mixed with 1/2 cup of lemon juice down the drain. You can also add 1/2 cup of lemon juice to your washing machine to brighten up whites.


Clean Your Taps With Lemons

As you can see above, Lemons are great for cleaning your taps! The many uses for cleaning with Lemons are endless.

You can also stop fruit from browning by sprinkling a few drops over apple and pear slices. This is great for kids’ snacks and platters.

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Home Made Bleach Alternative

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You can easily make up your very own homemade bleach. This makes an excellent all-purpose cleaner that won’t overpower you with toxic chemicals. It’s perfect for wiping down your benches, cupboards, dining table, sinks, toilet seats, and basins; Don’t forget the inside of your drawers either!

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