5 Things We All Get Wrong With Our Crock Pots

We were absolutely gobsmacked when we discovered that we’d been Crock Potting all wrong, all along. Find out the 5 common mistakes that we are all making in the kitchen.

common crock pot mistakes

If you have a Crock Pot, you will are guaranteed to learn something today. To say we were blown away is an understatement.

Apparently, there are 5 very common mistakes that we all make when it comes to using our Crock Pots and we must admit to being guilty as charged! Did you know for example that by peeking under the lid of your Crock Pot that you increase your cooking time by a whopping 30 minutes? We had no idea!

Before we share the video with you, we were sure you would appreciate this excellent infographic from best recipes that has some excellent tips and tricks including the difference between high and low settings, slow cooker conversion times and some good safety suggestions too. Be sure that you Pin.

5 Common Crock Pot Mistakes Video Tutorial

When you learn how to rock your Crock Pot correctly, you will find your recipe results will be so much better and knowledge is power. Click Play above to find out the other crock pot tips and tricks ^

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