You will love to learn the ways you can use Epsom Salt in your gardens. These popular hacks will turn you into a green thumb!

You will be excited to learn all the amazing Epsom Salt uses for your garden and plants. Today we are outlining some of the most popular and to say you will be impressed is an understatement.

Epsom Salt is an excellent chemical-free alternative. It is also inexpensive. It’s a common household ingredient that is non-toxic and won’t harm pets.

Garden Uses For Epsom Salt

  • Slug Deterrent
  • Beautiful Roses
  • Fertilize Tomatoes and other Plants
  • Get Rid of Raccoons
  • Make Your Grass Greener

Epsom Salt For Epic Green Lawns

Epsom Salt is known to green up your garden. It is especially good for your grass.

All you need to do is spread it on your grass and water it in.

Beautiful lush green lawns do wonder for the appearance of your gardens.

A good time to use this method is prior to a decent rainfall.

Epsom Salt For Blooming Roses

Epsom Salt is your secret weapon when it comes to blooming beautiful rose bushes.

You can increase the frequency of the blooms and they are much healthier too.

You will also love the accelerated growth that your rose bushes experience.

All you need to do is add a Tablespoon of Epsom Salt to the soil surrounding your roses and then water in.

Epsom Salt For Tomatoes

Epsom Salt is brilliant fertilizer for houseplants, flowers, and trees.

It is also widely used in the maintenance of Tomato Plants.

You can expect tastier results when you add this miracle ingredient to your gardening regime.

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Uses Of Epsom Salt In Gardening

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Using Epsom Salt on your plants helps boost their magnesium supply.

This results in a better yield. You can make a mixture of Epsom Salt and Water and it is safe to use on leaves.

Simply add 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salt to 4 Litres of Water and a Spray Bottle.

It is recommended that you spray your plants twice and have a 10-day gap between doses.

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Epsom Salt Magnesium Hack

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The positive effects that Epsom Salt can have on your fruit and veggies are profound. Did you know that it contains hydrated Magnesium Sulfate?

Peppers and Tomatoes are typically deficient and Epsom Salt will greatly aid with germination and growth.

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Epsom Salt Garden Tip

The benefit is plant growth is significantly sped up. In turn, this increases nutrient uptake. Another positive effect is that it deters pests.

Epsom Salt also increases the flavor of fruit and veggies and improves the colors and quantity of Roses.

This also applies to other flowering plants. Next time you are admiring beautiful Roses, chances are that’s their secret!

Epsom Salt Garden Uses Video

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If you would like to hear first hand the benefits and results that Epsom Salt can have for your garden, this quick video is for you. To watch, click Play above ^

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